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    Easiest improvements for 2020 I was perusing the 2019 Red Sox stays while responding to a different post and started thinking about what was most easily fixable in 2020 relative to 2019. This type of low hanging fruit will be especially important given the new focus on...
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    Chronic Inability to Throw Strikes

    Prior to coming to the Red Sox, Andrew Cashner had walked 29 batters in 96 innings. In 30.1 innings for the Red Sox, he has now walked 17. Including 11 in his last 3 outings. This just highlights how much the Red Sox have a strike throwing problem. The whole organization is a nightmare...
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    Trey Ball v2.0. Outfielder.

    here’s some news on Trey and his attempt to jumpstart his career as an outfielder. Gammons reports an NL scout who says “He has a chance!” Sox Prospects with an...
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    Evaluating Travis Shore

    A starting position player plus three prospects for a set up man with a 1-1/2 year track record and a past PRP injection in his elbow. Yeah, it wasn't the elbow that broke, yet.
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    How important is it to catch Houston?

    Now only 4 back in the loss column. Go Sox.
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    Rusney Castillo's second half

    yoy know, I've made a lot of jokes at Rusnay's and Cherington's expense over the past 12 months, but from the all star break on, he seemed to have had a better approach and results at the plate. His second half slash line .300 / .336 / . 400 over 190 PA coincided with a decrease in strikeout...
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    Sox lose OF Tavarez (Balt) and LHP Haley (Ana) in rule 5 draft

    The hits just keep coming to the farm system depth this week. Tavarez is going to be 25 next year and comes off a breakout year in Portland that he's followed up with a tremendous stint in the Dominican Winter League. Not clear that Bryce Brentz is still the better player, especially because...
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    Does the Gimmick Game really disadvantage its winner?

    Assuming the Cubs finish off the Giants in 4 (since Bumgarner is apparently Kong), the winners of the gimmick games will be 5-5 in the Division Series round. If one assumes that the point of the gimmick game is to further disadvantage the team that did not win a division, and also the plausible...
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    Why isn't Marco Hernandez getting a shot at 3b at bats?

    A) they worked him out at 3B and he was a historically bad defender there? B) He has a gaping hole in his swing that AAA teams haven't recognized or AAA pitchers can't expoit? C) He has a bad attitude about switching positions and doesn't work on his defense there despite the obvious...
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    Will Hanley Play 1B Competently - First Hand Observations

    So I've been taking a break from SoSH for lent, but using the Sunday exception logged in today thinking I'd catch up on Red Sox spring training news, and came here to find the place moribund. So, there must be scores of people who read this site attending spring training, I figured having a...
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    Second guessing the manager--2015

    What could possibly justify pitching to Nelson Cruz with first base open and the winning run on second base in the bottom of the 9th?
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    Does anyone believe that Nelson Cruz is clean?

    This quote from Lackey was in last nights game thread. I'm cross posting here because the topic needs more visibility. Good for Lackey for almost going there. Anyone who thinks Cruz is "clean" has their head in the sand. He never tested positive before, so I'm sure he's now just using the same...
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    Broken Records

    Nope. Cause: deliberate strategy to allow 3 of the 4 starting up the middle players on a championship team to walk away uncontested. Effects: the team sucks, the rookies struggled, necessitating more rookies.
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    The Awesome Red Sox Farm System in the first half of 2014

    I'm still building this out; plan to add reasons around the players and probably build up the list of maintainers. But, looking forward to hearing others' thoughts Maintainers -- Under maintainers, I've grouped the players who have mostly played up to expectations and therefore maintained...
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    Milton's own Alex Hassan called up

    I'm really happy they brought up Hassan and overlooked the first bad stretch of hitting he's had in his entire career to date.  Baseball is variable, and they should be looking at the whole body of evidence.  There's no doubt in my mind he'll turn it around this season, and it might as well be...
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    Sizemore Sample Sizes Succently Stated

    The Grady Sizemore watch 2010-2011 with Cleveland (roughly): .220 / .280 / .370 2014 so far with Boston: .208 / .275 / .361   As others have mentioned, a series of $250,000 bonuses start kicking in with 60 (90, 120, 150) days on the active roster and 225 plate appearances (and each 25 plate...
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    How Concened About Xander Bogaerts' Defense?

    Jerry Remy finally went there during today's broadcast, remarking after Bogaerts bobbled a ball up the middle in the bottom of the 8th, "That's the type of play that Steven Drew made."   I am the last person to want to give up elite offensive production from a defensive position if the defense...
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    Plympy's Ellsbury's Gone B*tch-a-thon - Post away!

    All posts like yours do is make me even more pissed that Ellsbury is playing in NY. What you've just described is a bad baseball team in 2014: "We have one legitimate CF, and we don't know if he can hit. " Wucking funderful. Pay the money to keep your all star then and worry about 2017...
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    How do you teach someone to pitch in softball?

    So, I'm coaching my daughter's middle school softball team.  It is made up of 4 players who'd never picked up a bat or ball and didn't even know the basic rules a month ago, 4 other players who'd never played outside of their own backyards (one of whom is my daughter), and 4 players who had some...
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    Risers and Fallers April 2014

    Instead of waiting until the end of the month like previously, we could try to have this more of a running discussion through the month. I'm continuing to borderline spam my rising enthusiasm for Madison Younginer. Since last July 21, he's put up the following line: 27-2/3 IP, 18 H, 3 ER, 7...