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  1. Bigpupp

    Screen Recording Software for Windows

    I'll second Camtasia, it's *incredibly* easy to use, although it's not the free option you're looking for.
  2. Bigpupp

    Help with a Spreadsheet Script

    No. I'm not sure I can do it at all. I basically stole the +1 code from stack exchange and tried to re-purpose it using no knowledge of VBA. Having said that, I have tried to more explicit in my references, and haven't had any luck with that. My project has basically changed from doing a...
  3. Bigpupp

    Help with a Spreadsheet Script

    So I'm actually wanting to use this spreadsheet with the game Deadball, which is basically a less robust (but cheaper!) version of the cards and dice version of Strat-O-Matic. I'm wanting to manually fill out some scorecards, and OOTP just doesn't fill that itch (but I will probably still put in...
  4. Bigpupp

    Help with a Spreadsheet Script

    Like you, I'm beyond bored and looking for anything to fit into the void that was once filled by baseball. So I decided to build a spreadsheet that would help me simulate the non-existent 2020 baseball season. I think I've found a script that will help me with this process, but can't get it to...
  5. Bigpupp

    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    Our school district has banned zoom right now as well.
  6. Bigpupp

    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    There's no workaround for this other than putting your mic next to a speaker. Another problem right now is that nicknamed Hangouts/Meets aren't being closed after the last person leaves the room and remain active as long as you have the link. Not the biggest issue in the world, but would allow...
  7. Bigpupp

    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    Didn't even think about service time. That will be interesting.
  8. Bigpupp

    Biggest Sox Prospect Busts by Position

    Does Andy Marte count? He was in our organization for a few brief minutes.
  9. Bigpupp

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    View: Jessica Quiroli @heelsonthefield Really need everyone discussing Alex Verdugo to please correctly state information from my story. He was not implicated as the player who sexually assaulted the girl. He watched her being...
  10. Bigpupp

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    Quoting the part of the article Shaggy is referring to.
  11. Bigpupp

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    View: View: View: Peter Gammons on Twitter: "Talking about all the "cheating" allegations that get thrown around, I ran through...
  12. Bigpupp

    Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs 49ers Game Thread

    I didn't know Selena sang all these songs...
  13. Bigpupp

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    I'd be THRILLED with that return. It's way more than I was expecting to get from 1 year of Betts.
  14. Bigpupp

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    And if either one of those things are true then there is no way the Sox will be able to hold onto him past next year anyway.
  15. Bigpupp

    MLB to mic’ up umpires so they can explain reviewed calls

    MLB umps don't have a monitor in front of them to even see why a call is being overturned - so I'm confused why this is necessary. Aren't they just connecting with the MLB replay room and going off of what those guys determine.
  16. Bigpupp

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    He doesn't have a full year's service time, so it would be 6 years.
  17. Bigpupp

    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    Me Yesterday: Look at this troll post. What an idiot.... Me today: Yeah, that seems about right.
  18. Bigpupp

    College Football Week 15 Game Thread - Championship Weekend

    Does that count as a reception to himself?
  19. Bigpupp

    4G Android phone megathread

    My wife (OnePlus 7T) and I (Galaxy Note 9) are both on AT&T and were having the same thing happen about a month ago. We were using Signal for our MMS, and switching back to stock apps on each phone cleared it up for us. We just assumed it was a Signal problem.
  20. Bigpupp

    4G Android phone megathread

    Wife was looking into the Pixel 4 but ended up picking the OnePlus 7t. She absolutely loves it. Camera isn't up to what the Pixel would be, but is still much better than her S8, and the battery life has been crazy good compared to what she had as well. And I'm totally jealous of the 90 hz...