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  1. CreedBratton

    2020 NBA Draft

    As a big Gonzaga guy, Tillie will be a massive steal in the second round if he can stay healthy.
  2. CreedBratton

    xx/xx vs. Bucks aka the waiting game thread

    That was an all time amazing game/moment. I drove a total of 14 hours to go to game 6 & while seeing Lebrons greatest game ever is something truly amazing to have been a part of for the rest of my life, that was such a devastating loss. I really thought we were going to the finals again that night.
  3. CreedBratton

    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go?

    Do they do that in football? The one day thing? Happens lots in NBA, but can’t recall it ever happening in the NFL.
  4. CreedBratton

    2020 Free Agency Game Thread

    Except for Aaron Donald, yes. A lot of mind boggling decisions.
  5. CreedBratton

    Gone Brady Gone

    Beyond baffling he is choosing to end the greatest career in the history of sports with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he signed with the only team that wanted him. Come back Tom this has to be a mistake.
  6. CreedBratton

    Gone Brady Gone

    Cowherd is an idiot, but I definitely think Brady saw those guys going elsewhere & realized he wasn’t getting any help again & decided to leave. From a football standpoint he will get to play with 2 of the ten best WRs in the game vs Meyers & Sanu.
  7. CreedBratton

    2020 Free Agency Game Thread

    There is no chance that happens. Mccaffrey reception tds alone will get more then the Pats QB throws.
  8. CreedBratton

    Gone Brady Gone

    Can’t possibly ever be mad at TB, but this is incredibly sad. He deserved to finish career in NE. When you have the greatest player in the history of a sport, you make sure he finishes his career in one spot no matter what. I always said I’d retire with Brady & that day is today. Between the...
  9. CreedBratton

    DeAndre Hopkins Traded to ARI for David Johnson

    And very doubtful Texans would handed him to Pats unfortunately.
  10. CreedBratton

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    This seems shocking. Woulda thought he was worth more then that. Wow.
  11. CreedBratton

    3/10 @ Indiana

    Whew survived that one. Somehow. A lot of positive vibes about Tatum & Gordo were ruined by another choke but a wins a win.
  12. CreedBratton

    3/10 @ Indiana

    This is embarrassing.
  13. CreedBratton

    3/10 @ Indiana

    They just can’t play a full 48
  14. CreedBratton

    3/10 @ Indiana

    Not playing Robert Williams against Turner/Sabonis says Brad doesn’t trust him at all.
  15. CreedBratton

    3/10 @ Indiana

    Just got caught up on pvr. Hayward playing amazing
  16. CreedBratton

    3/10 @ Indiana

    In a sense tonight is a must win!
  17. CreedBratton

    March 2020 NBA Game Thread

    Raps win again. Thought Jazz would beat them with Toronto on second night of back to back. Celtics have little hope to catch them for the 2 seed.
  18. CreedBratton

    3/8 Thunder @ Celtics

    This is the biggest problem, the bench. there is no one to come in & get easy buckets off the bench. Look at how many teams have someone to do that: Lou Williams, Buddy Hield, Goran Dragic, you name it. We just don’t have that guy.