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  1. Mr Jums

    Bruins at Rangers

    Going to my first Bruins game ever for this one. Win the hockey game.
  2. Mr Jums

    Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke

    Just as a quick clarification, PFO (or patent foramen ovales) don't cause strokes. What happens is most clots in our body form in the venous system. Since veins return blood to the heart, if a clot were to break off in a vein and head elsewhere in the body, it would go vein, right side of the...
  3. Mr Jums

    Markelle Fultz, Year Three: He's back! Big....?

    There's a this American Life about this (quick google says it's episode 590, "choosing wrong" I haven't listened to it in a while but if memory serves it's about how mechanically it makes more sense to shoot FTs underhanded and specifically...
  4. Mr Jums

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Also, not to keep harping on the home plate strike zone but I mean... Like, come on... There are some mistakes on both sides but unless my brain is completely biased it certainly appears like there are more Dodger strikes called outside the zone and Red Sox balls called inside the zone...
  5. Mr Jums

    Buchholz Traded To Philly For 2B/DH Josh Tobias

    Snod has no reason to apologize and I doubt he has any inclination to do so. All he asked was that you provide even the slightest hint of any type of evidence to back up the claim you were making. As enjoyable as it is to say whatever we want without any proof (I'm pretty sure Jose Batista would...
  6. Mr Jums

    Bradley: Deal with It.

    Holy God, this discussion again. I'm just going to quote a post of mine from like, two years ago because I think it accurately encapsulates P91's thinking and the my thoughts on it.
  7. Mr Jums

    The Bullpen Thread

    The bullpen thus far in September (assuming I'm reading the splits on baseball-reference right) 42.1 innings, 5 ER (1.06 ERA), 29 hits, 16 BB, 55 K's, 3 HR, 1.06 WHIP, 11.7 K/9
  8. Mr Jums

    The Bullpen Thread

    Another big pick up by the bullpen last night after Pomeranz couldn't get an out in the third inning. 7 IP, 5 hits, 1 R, 4 BB, 7 K's without using Koji, Ziegler, or Kimbrel. They didn't win and obviously the walks weren't great, but from a unit that was maligned and seen as this team's biggest...
  9. Mr Jums

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    This post was a fascinating way to find out about that particular news item...
  10. Mr Jums

    Brockos Week(aka Denver Week)

    I buy the first three, but I don't really see having Osweiler at QB as a particularly strong point in their favor given that he's a rookie starting his second game going against one of the best defenses in the NFL (at least by points allowed against). The only way that makes sense to me is if...
  11. Mr Jums

    ALDS Game Thread

      GameDay kind of messed that one up. The pitch bounced in front of the plate
  12. Mr Jums

    ALDS Game Thread

    I'm really enjoying hearing the announcers in the Blue Jays-Rangers game talk about how there's a pecking order and Josh Donaldson is a star while the Rangers pitcher is a young guy who's just up so he shouldn't say anything and THEN mentioning that the pitcher grew up in a rough area and is...
  13. Mr Jums

    'Invisible' Ellsbury

      The first bolded (by me) sentence and the entire second paragraph seem contradictory to me. You can't judge a signing by one year, and yet you are using the first year of Ellsbury's contract to insist that you were right. I, and I feel most others here, disagree, as the prevailing wisdom at...
  14. Mr Jums

    Week 4 NFL Game Thread

    Annnnnnd another personal foul on the Bills
  15. Mr Jums

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    I was legitimately re-watching the Superbowl when I got the notification on my phone. This is awesome
  16. Mr Jums

    Red Sox Spring training thread

    Yeah, I'm definitely in NESN range, and it's only on MLB network which is showing the YES feed, unfortunately.
  17. Mr Jums

    This will be Derek Jeter's final season

      This is my take on it as well. My read on Cashman, for what it's worth, is that he's a little more practical and a little less swept up in the Yankee mythology as some others. As JA said, there are real world implications to having a captain that could make his job more difficult down the...
  18. Mr Jums

    So, how did you spend your month?

    This actually reminds me that I haven't watched the entire game from beginning to end this week. And yes, I've tried to make it a weekly thing.