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    FanGraphs is in Financial Trouble

    I did the same. Fangraphs, along with this board, really changed how I thought about the game. Supporting it now seemed like the least I could do - I've easily gotten more than $50 value out of that place.
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    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    You've definitely been consistent on this point, and I totally agree the Sale extension was risky at the time and I had mixed feelings about it. Since I very rarely bother to post here, I'm not on the record either way. I'm curious why you think it is a "Lemon Problem". In the lemon problem...
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    I would read this as being upset with the idea that teams are run like businesses, and therefore focus on getting "efficient" production in terms of cost per win ($ per WAR or however you want to measure it). So if a player is willing to take a hometown discount, they are more efficient - if...
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    Poll: SoSH votes for 2020 BB HOF induction

    First 4 are easy: Bonds Clemens Jeter Manny Larry Walker's 1997-2002 is quite the peak, and he ended with a .400 OBP. He should go in. I would have voted for Scott Rolen and Andruw Jones had they been listed. Vizquel is a tough one, but I think he's on the wrong side. Amazing defensive...
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    2018-19 College Hoops Game Thread

    Northeastern vs Hofstra tonight for CAA bid.
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    Red Sox re-sign Mitch Moreland for 2 years, 13 M

    I think this was during extras, but I heard it as well. They were definitely talking about Moreland but then they didn't expand on the comment at all. I assume any surgery would be after the season, but doesn't exactly bode well for a resurgence at the plate.
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    2018 MLB Draft Uber-Thread

    I'd take that as primarily responding to the "has some holes in his swing". He is saying that there aren't major holes in the swing - and also the the power is good but not outstanding.
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    Disc Golf near Boston

    Maple Hill is a phenomenal course, would definitely recommend checking it out. Playing from the easy tees, it's not so bad for a beginner. Pye Brook in topsfield and Amesbury Pines are both fun courses, but probably only worth playing if you are are already up that way for some reason. There is...
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    EPL...educate me & help me pick a team

    As an Everton supporter, I was pretty annoyed when Henry bought Liverpool, but its kind of been fun to root against them.    Everton could be a fun club to pick, lots of young talent (Deulofeu, Barkley, Stones (if he isn't sold), Lukaku), Tim Howard in net and a long tradition as a top club...
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    edX Sabermetrics 101 Discussion

    registered; looking forward to it/hoping I have enough time to do it.
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    Everton 2013-14: One Door Closes, But Does Another Open?

    I thought it was a good performance overall. Robles was a disaster, and could easily have cost us the three points with his botched attempt at catching that cross. The goal was also inexcusable, if you watch the replay it seems to just fly right through his hands. Hopefully we don't see him...
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    Everton 2013-14: One Door Closes, But Does Another Open?

    Yesterday's game has to be the least convincing 4-1 I have ever seen. The passing was terrible, defense was pretty suspect all game long, and fulham dominated a long stretch of the second half. On the other hand, I think its a sign of a good team to win going away against a bad team even when...