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  1. simplicio

    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

    Always a special place in my heart for this classic of televised baseball. View:
  2. simplicio

    Joe Posnanski's top 100 Baseball Players of All Time

    The Quisenberry one today is my favorite of the whole series so far.
  3. simplicio

    If the season is canceled the Red Sox luxury tax would NOT reset

    I'd think the worst case scenario would have been NOT making the trade, and having the rest of Price's contract, no lux reset, no chance of resigning Mookie, and not having Verdugo, Downs and Wong. Does this new development suck? Sure. But I think the Dodgers are the ones with the claim to a...
  4. simplicio

    Greatest Redsox (pure) Hitters of all time

    If Devers can keep it up, how many years before he cracks the list?
  5. simplicio

    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Syndergaard got his done yesterday. Still no word on Sale's.
  6. simplicio

    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    The game didn't particularly matter, but this is the one that comes to mind when I think of the unstoppable magic of the 2018 team. Boston comes back from a 7-1 deficit in the 8th, then Brandon Phillips, in his Sox debut, goes majestic in the 9th. View:
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    Best game played on each day, 2009-2019

    The game on the list with the most strikeouts? Chris Sale's 17K loss. Last year really sucked.
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    why i think they should cancel the season or play a 82 game season

    Yeah, the delays are wishful thinking. Until an actual vaccine or reliable treatment becomes widely available, nobody's doing sports.
  9. simplicio

    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    And if the pandemic takes 18 months to pass? As I mentioned, better to do it now before the hospitals are overwhelmed.
  10. simplicio

    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Also good to get it done now before every hospital is completely overwhelmed for who knows how long with covid cases.
  11. simplicio

    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    Rosenthal and Drellich say (Athletic, sub required) we're likely looking at May at the earliest:
  12. simplicio

    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    While that would be nice, a vaccine will likely not be available by then. Fall of 2021 is more likely.
  13. simplicio

    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    Something to note is if covid19 ends up working seasonally like the flu, they might also need to preemptively shorten the season to avoid having to cancel the playoffs as the virus ramps up again in the fall. If there ends up being any baseball at all this year, of course.
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    (When) Will the Season Start?

    Think we can shorten the title here to "Will the season start" at this point
  15. simplicio

    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    Fangraphs roster resource is projecting him to start the season injured? Just a weird data entry mistake or has there been word of a current injury?
  16. simplicio

    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    That pricing structure with the gap between 55 and 70 innings makes me think they're expecting something within that range.
  17. simplicio

    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    He's pitched 63-74 innings the last three years, are we thinking of him as a regular starter for part of the season, or a 3 innings every 3 days guy?
  18. simplicio

    Jarren Duran

    A 2022/23 lineup with Duran and Jimenez covering center and right could be delicious. Nothing would drop, ever.
  19. simplicio

    How will the Sox do in 2020?

    Okay? You're maybe 5 years late with that but noted.
  20. simplicio

    How will the Sox do in 2020?

    Sale's on the IL because he got a late start due to his pneumonia, not because he's injured. And as long as Edro's knee is fully recovered, which has been the case the past 2 seasons, there's no cause to presume poor health from him. I won't presume to know what we'll get from Eovaldi, but my...