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  1. hikeeba

    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

    So, does "native" mean Pat Maroon comes from St Louis??
  2. hikeeba

    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

    That would probably work for a girl, as well!
  3. hikeeba

    Game 4 - Bruins @ Leafs

    C’mon - show the crowd outside!
  4. hikeeba

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG at the Chiefs

    Not sure he can outdo the number I dropped during the game....
  5. hikeeba

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - WC Round

    That's not humerus. (Some cast of characters we have here....) I hope the NFLPA insurance will foot the bill. ....looks like the halftime break is coming up.... sole purpose here is to entertain.... (oh yeah, try the veal and tip your waitress....)
  6. hikeeba

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    AFC HOU over Ind, SD over BAL NE over HOU, SD over KC NE over SD NFC SEA over DAL, CHI over PHI LAR over CHI, NO over SEA NO over LAR NE over NO 48-42 in OT
  7. hikeeba

    2018 NFL Game Thread - Week 11

    Is a negative passer rating possible?
  8. hikeeba

    The Magic Number

  9. hikeeba

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2018

    AFC: JAX over BUF KC over TEN NE over KC JAX over PIT NE over JAX NFC: LAR over ATL NO over CAR MIN over LA NO over PHI MIN over NO Superbowl: NE over MIN 27-24 2OT
  10. hikeeba

    First Water Cooled PC Build: HOLD ME

    Agree on the R5 (black, no window) - what I'm using now. Cooling with a Dark Rock Pro 3. It's been extremely quiet (although I think my hearing has been adjusting recently). I spent way way way too much time looking at cases and coolers, but feel satisfied with the combo I have. (I was also...
  11. hikeeba

    WS Game 7: A Curse Dies and a Curse Continues

    I mean, I knew it COULD happen, but I really didn't expect it WOULD happen!
  12. hikeeba

    Another Computer Purchase Thread

    Seems like d74e31cc6 takes another $100 off that MacBook Air (not sure if it's one use or not, but it was sent to me and I won't be using it)
  13. hikeeba

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    It may not just be the big river that burns tonight....
  14. hikeeba

    Burning bridges, a.k.a. the relocation thread

    "Roger Goodell is discussing a new proposal with the owners. Vote coming very soon."
  15. hikeeba

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    WTH? USPCC is in Erlanger Kentucky now....