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  1. gtmtnbiker

    Adding additional Access Point to WIFI - Need a little help

    My recommendation is Ubiquiti UniFi access point. I just bought this one a couple of months ago. View: I've been using their products since 2013 (checked my Amazon history). They're very reliable. Bought a total of 4 over the past 7 years (one...
  2. gtmtnbiker

    Apple Watch with a cracked screen: repair or sell?

    Ebay has suitable protection for buyers that it didn’t have in the 90s/00s. If you get an item that “it’s not as described”, you initiate a return process that is at no cost to you. So there is plenty of protection for the buyer.
  3. gtmtnbiker

    Gone Brady Gone

    Well said. I'm rooting for Tampa & TB to do well but my first priority will be the Patriots. Like someone else mentioned, it'll be fun to see Tom go up against Bree, Ryan, and other players in the NFC. Now I have another team to watch instead of watching the Jets to lose.
  4. gtmtnbiker

    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    this was an awesome thing that Kraft did. I wonder if there are any pictures or news in Chinese media about the plane landing and getting the masks. I’ll have to ask my Chinese friends about it.
  5. gtmtnbiker

    Streaming Religious Services

    My church had trouble with streaming last Sunday. Crashed our website a couple of times. I passed along the recommendations for YouTubeLive & FB Live. The guy says that his concern is getting the stream cutoff because the service provider thinks the music is copyrighted. Is that a valid concern?
  6. gtmtnbiker

    Skiing 19-20

    Jay Peak, VT also closed.
  7. gtmtnbiker

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I did not get an email from YTTV so am I not affected? I'm in the Boston area so we don't get YES or Fox Sports Midwest.
  8. gtmtnbiker

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    This is fixable and it’s not too difficult if you know how to use a soldering iron. I replaced the caps on my TV and it’s good as new. When you take it apart, you can see which ones are bad because they are bulging. Unsolder the old ones, and put the new ones in. I think I replaced four on mine.
  9. gtmtnbiker

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    If you are not a T-Mobile customer, you can find people selling their mlbtv sub for $5 on slickdeals. Fortunately I don’t have to do that this year since I have YouTube tv.
  10. gtmtnbiker

    Free Upgrade to Win10

    These things are also available in W10. It's funny how I used a Mac in college in the late 80s and I had to switch to a PC/Windows in the corporate world because no one used Macs back then. Now, it's much more common.
  11. gtmtnbiker

    Free Upgrade to Win10

    I have not used CDs or DVDs in years. You can always get one of those external ones that use USB to connect.
  12. gtmtnbiker

    Free Upgrade to Win10

    I don’t recall any ads or pushing products. It can do some intelligent stuff like setup reminders based on your email if you use the mail client. My favorite is putting your hotel and airline tickets automatically in calendar. it has alot of little stuff like remembering recent docs you opened...
  13. gtmtnbiker

    Free Upgrade to Win10

    I can't imagine using 7. What exactly do you not like about Win10?
  14. gtmtnbiker

    2019 Ravens: College Offense Run Amok

    So how did the Titans beat Jackson and the Ravens last night? This is Vrabel's insight:
  15. gtmtnbiker

    Skiing 19-20

    We were at Jay Peak, VT the week of Christmas. About 1/3 of the mountain is open. Conditions are definitely worse than the last couple of years.
  16. gtmtnbiker

    Spotify Family and Multiple Alexas

    Are you sure about #1&2? It’s my understanding that a family is 6 accounts and there is no stream limit. I have never run into it.
  17. gtmtnbiker

    Wireless Router Question

    Somehow that thread didn't turn up in my search or I think it didn't. Totally forgot about it and I even replied in it. Stinks to get old!
  18. gtmtnbiker

    Wireless Router Question

    What was the issue that you had with DDWRT? Too hard to update? Buggy?
  19. gtmtnbiker

    Wireless Router Question

    Thanks for the comments. That router looks exactly like the one supplied by Comcast. I found the Comcast router to be unreliable when I had it. Ditto for my parents who are using it. By unreliable, I mean stuff like not being able to access the internet or the router would reboot itself. I...
  20. gtmtnbiker

    Wireless Router Question

    Bumping this thread. Anyone want to chime in on their router recommendations? Looking to get one for my parents so they can ditch their Comcast router. The most important quality for me is that the router needs to be rock solid. Also, what are people's impressions of DD-WRT? I have used it...