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  1. Rudi Fingers

    Can we talk? Giving up the Landline phone

    Also, buy a good quality UPS (uninterruptible power supply - from a company like APC or CyberPower), and plug your cable modem / wifi router into it. There are sometimes power outages that don't affect the cable signal, and you can maintain phone (and internet) connectivity during these outages...
  2. Rudi Fingers

    Best Tablet for Reading and Light Computing

    2 recommendations: 1) A Surface Go will do the same thing for you, for less money, with a more portable form factor and just-as-sturdy build quality. I have one (the top of the line model that also has LTE) as a secondary road warrior device, and the screen quality is excellent. The Surface...
  3. Rudi Fingers

    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Tyler Glasnow
  4. Rudi Fingers

    Wifi and Router Issues

    Agreed that your wireless hardware is not the issue - it supports 802.11ac, which is more than fast enough to take advantage of your wireless bandwidth. Mid-range Dell laptops, once you get the drivers and BIOS updated (via LoweTek's link), are generally pretty solid machines. But especially...
  5. Rudi Fingers

    Wifi and Router Issues

    If you go to a Windows command prompt (many ways to do this - one is to type "cmd" into the "type here to search" bar at the bottom left of your Windows 10 machine then hit enter), type the following: netsh wlan show drivers then look at the results and type out what is listed after "Radio...
  6. Rudi Fingers

    AUCTION ITEM: Pair of unopened Coke bottles - 2004 World Series Champions

    For auction: a pair of unopened Coke bottles in perfect condition that I have owned since 2004 commemorating the World Series championship. Yes, the 14 1/2 year old soda is still inside. I'm thinking $20.04 for an opening bid. I will wrap them extra carefully and ship them wherever the...
  7. Rudi Fingers

    All iPhone X, all the time

    If you are happy with your 7, a $149 screen replacement at the Apple Store is also an option. But since you are looking to upgrade...also consider the additional costs. The Apple Store is running a promotion now, if you're going to buy a XR or XS, where they will give you $100 in trade-in...
  8. Rudi Fingers

    Traditional versus Boring Uniforms

    The Toronto Blue Jays are great (and rare) example of a design that is modern, only partially 'locked in', compatible with tradition, yet not boring.
  9. Rudi Fingers

    Traditional versus Boring Uniforms

    It's not just script instead of printing: The Rays, Padres, Mariners, Diamondbacks, and (to a lesser extent) Rangers have *stylized* printing that tries too hard to excite (and is also too hard to read) yet, opposite to intent, leads to boredom. Other teams (like the Pirates, Giants, and...
  10. Rudi Fingers

    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    If you're going Hearts... Worcester Red Hearts works much better
  11. Rudi Fingers

    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Hard to read these quotes in hindsight without thinking about the effect of Kimbrel tipping his pitches...
  12. Rudi Fingers

    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    To Kemp's credit, he wouldn't have seen Betts' outfield arm in action. Betts was a 2B all the way through to AAA.
  13. Rudi Fingers

    Peter Gammons' Tweeterverse

    As for the first part, I'm guessing Gammons had yet another brain fart and typed "Dustin Pedroia 1977" when he was thinking "Butch Hobson 1977" -- Bregman and 1977 Hobson are absolutely comparable. As for the second part, who the hell knows?
  14. Rudi Fingers

    All iPhone X, all the time

    Call your carrier - they may think you are using an Android device, or the wrong model of iPhone
  15. Rudi Fingers

    Foldable Phones Are Coming

    Apple already folds the bottom of the Iphone X OLED display panel to create the tiny bottom bezel - so the question is the durability for repeated bend/unbend cycles
  16. Rudi Fingers

    How do you turn your PC into a DVR?

    What do you plan to do with your shows after you record them? If you're just planning to watch your shows on computers, tablets or phones around the house or on the road after you record them, you could just get a CableCARD and stick it in a Tivo (I have a Tivo Bolt and do just that). (note...
  17. Rudi Fingers

    Braxton Berrios R6 #210 WR Miami

    Thanks for the link - had no idea he was the valedictorian of the U business school
  18. Rudi Fingers

    GPS Navigation - Garmin/TomTom or Cell Phone

    I swear by my Kenu Airframe vent mounts - I have one in the car, and the other one's an essential part of my travel bag, because it's tiny, fits my iPhone 7 really well, and I've never encountered a rental car where I can't get it to mount in a good place for GPS. Additional pro tip - I stick a...
  19. Rudi Fingers

    The 12th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Tyler Glasnow
  20. Rudi Fingers

    Recommend me a laptop, v2018

    What's your budget? You said boring... I'd say a $850 MacBook air that handles Excel just fine and truly lasts for 10 hours on a battery can't be beat. It is rock solid and highly unspectacular. It also has 2 good old normal USB ports to transfer large data files for mining...