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  1. trekfan55

    June MLB game thread

    If there is a clear case of fraud or racial incidents (like the Clippers) I don't see MLB forcing the Wilpons to sell just because they are inept. And from what I understand they invested heavily into Madoff and lost big time.
  2. trekfan55

    6/24 Sox vs. Sox

  3. trekfan55

    The Ace

  4. trekfan55

    6/12 - vs Tex Winning Streak Starts Here

    A walk to walk it off. Please more
  5. trekfan55

    6/6 @ KC

  6. trekfan55

    2019 All-Star Game Rosters

    With the season he's having, you don't see Devers making the squad?
  7. trekfan55

    6/5 @ KC

    Complete game. Immaculate inning. Domination.
  8. trekfan55

    Kimbrel to Cubs

    My question is why? On both counts. Why wouldn't the Sox offer it at this point to stabilize their bullpen? And why wouldn't Kimbrel accept at this point?
  9. trekfan55

    6/4 @ KC

  10. trekfan55

    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    This made me smile after watching that excruciating game?
  11. trekfan55

    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    A bit late, but intead of throwing across, couldn't Devers step on the bag?