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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    This thread should folded into "The Nation's Tears [of Joy]" thread
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    The low Tarantino I.Q. of SoSH is a mild stunner. True Romance clip [NSFW WARNING: constant use of racial slur] Edit: linked instead of embedded
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    The 11th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Garrett Richards
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    Red Sox sign Mitch Moreland

    I'm 100% certain that they have 100% cemented their 2017 roster as of December 6, 2016. No changies!
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    Red Sox acquire Tyler Thornburg from Brewers

    I hope he is, since his stuff is really good in small doses. I've been banging this drum for aeons.
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    2016 Belichick Thread: Cheater de Force

    Exactly. Anonymous because they are still employed and not that high up the chain. And "coach" is anyone on the staff. It's likely Sal Alosi level for all we know.
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    Eovaldi out all of 2017

    I always mentioned him with Joe Kelly in the same convos lately, with regards to a guy that probably would have been better suited to the bullpen.
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    Red Sox acquire Drew Pomeranz for Anderson Espinoza

    I didn't realize how many Soshers had Espinoza in their fantasy AL-only keeper leagues till I read this entire thread. Pomeranz's big game changer this season has been adding the cutter, and he was already showing better than replacement level success as a pitcher. He's cheap and...
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    Farrell on the hot seat

    And in last night's game (5/17) Uehara wasn't destroyed by Hosmer but by a throwing error and a cookie to Paulo Orlando, a 30-year old career minor leaguer with 8 career HR's in major league AB's, putting the game out of reach. The blame last night could be spread across several squanders and...
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    2016 Broncos Thread: Elway or the Highway

    The Denver thread has been great and it's directly related to your insight and posts as a fan, for which I thank you. But whenever you orbit the WWF-style conspiracy that "the NFL has a script they adhere to in pre-determining game outcomes" it detracts from that insight. [Unless these posts...
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    The 10th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Felix Doubront I don't think counts in this contest because he was DL'd during ST but is he the first pitcher to get TJ this year?
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    Know Your Enemy - Let's Talk About The AL East

    Great overviews. TB's bullpen is underrated with no-name depth (Colome, Geltz, Farquhar, Cedeno) even after trading McGee. And while eight weeks' recovery time for Boxberger is realistic his effectiveness coming back may be optimistic. Justin Verlander returned from similar injury before the...
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    2016 Broncos Thread: Elway or the Highway

    Mike Sando via Twitter posted this stat sheet of Sanchez and Manning in their past 20 games: So 1) not an upgrade, not a downgrade, but the Goldilocks of replacement QB's. And 2) They're doubling down on the 2015 recipe for success (aka Pat Riley's Knicks teams of the early mid-90's). I'm...
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    2016 Miami Dolphins: Amazing Gase

    Yeah the trade on its face may not be terrible, but if Tanny is being Tanny and they are mortgaging their future for these FA deals, I'm not positive they're close enough to GFIN to be losing draft picks.
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    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    If this actual scandal takes hold - and I hope it does - then Manning is the Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil:
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    The Manager

    Torry, even. [Though his middle name is Anthony, so technically the poll question is accurate.] I think nothing changes save a historic, tire-fire, cratering display of suck for a sustained stretch in 2016. Like a chicken-and-beer season on HGH type season. I don't see in-season moves...
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    2016 Broncos Thread: Elway or the Highway

    I agree. They just won a ring with one of the worst season-long QB performances of all time with Manning, so Kubiak can just double down on the defense and run another grungy offensive campaign to defend the title. Robert Griffin III has to have more upside than Zombie Manning or at least be as...
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    Patriots re-hired Dante Scarnecchia as OL coach

    This is like John Sterling every time someone strikes out at the plate and he theorizes a five-run inning because "if he didn't swing at that third pitch, he'd be on first base and extend the inning, because the next guy got up there and hit a home run in the next inning." I mean, if the Pats...
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    2016 Cowboys: Giddyup for Elliot

    Talk that Greg Hardy won't be asked back for 2016. Per Jason Cole at Bleacher Report (yeah I know, consider the source, which I won't link it because it's a video hot take), it's because he didn't take great care of himself upon his return to the field.
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    The Raiders relocation thread (3/27 viva Las Vegas Raiders!!!)

    As echoed upthread, this is too perfect for the NFL to allow it without some middle-managing bullshit. If the naming rights go to FanDuel or Draft Kings it'd be a nice pre-emptive strike against probable NFL pushback to paint their hypocrisy neon.