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  1. sean1562


    do we really want this guy through his early to mid 30s? im grateful for the player he has been on this team but he seems like the exact opposite of what you want to lock up long term. even with his hot streak his OPS is still only .713. Thank him for his time here, but I am hoping Duran breaks...
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    June MLB game thread

    Yordan Alvarez hits his 7th HR in just 12 career games.
  3. sean1562

    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    is this the "holy shit christian vazquez is a good player" thread? after last year i wanted to release the guy. is he about to turn into the varitek of the early 2020s?
  4. sean1562

    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    Barnes has been pretty disappointing of late
  5. sean1562

    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    Yea now I can buy a jersey and really commit to loving X. I love mookie but am afraid he might leave haha
  6. sean1562

    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    crazy that chavis ha more HRs than Devers
  7. sean1562

    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    yea i really dont think it is this teams year. strange considering how dominant last year was. Also, I love Mookie, but if he is a .850 OPS kind of player IDK is he is worth 300 million dollars. Glad we locked up Xander
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Who would want Rick Porcello? He is expensive and has been really mediocre. Which rotation does he noticeably improve? JDM's market would be fringe AL contenders. So who gives up pieces for him? The Rangers?
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    2019 All-Star Game Rosters

    Sad that Rendon is so far down on the list. Guy is an amazing 3b, never been to an Allstar game i dont think
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    6/12 - vs Tex Winning Streak Starts Here

    yea Porcello just looks washed up. I dont think anybody would wanna trade for him even if he did become available. What kind of deal would he get next offseason?
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Rick Porcello at like 8 mil for the rest of the season is not going to be a big get for any contender. The guy with the 4.69 FIP? IDK if JDM will be a big get either considering that the deal he is currently on is probably the best he will get. I doubt he opts out and tries to get a bigger...
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    Here's that Rainy Day They Told me About. . . .

    Man this team is mediocre af.
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    June MLB game thread

    ehh, MLB had a big campaign with the tagline "let the kids play". I think his act is tired, but im pretty sure he was referencing that campaign
  14. sean1562

    June MLB game thread

    I am shocked by how good Cole Hamels' career numbers are. Is he a HoF guy with 2 more years like last year?
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    June MLB game thread

    watching the cards/cubs game now, I thought Ozuna was gonna be a way better player for the Cards than he has been. IDK what kind of deal he is gonna get after this year but I thought he was gonna be a big star after his last year with the Marlins.
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    6/6 @ KC

    man this pen is not good
  17. sean1562

    6/6 @ KC

    great AB from Xander
  18. sean1562

    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    isnt consistency in a RP really important? the fact that he went through a stretch where he was terrible doesnt mean we can just exclude that stretch from his overall season line.
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    Haha I was 3 when Cheers ended, so much more familiar with Frasier than that. Learn something new every day!
  20. sean1562

    Rafael Devers, JD Martinez and the future at the corners

    yea, Xander and Devers have been the best two players on this team. Considering the older of the 2 is just 26 and we have them both through at least 2023, there is a lot to be optimistic about the future of the heart of our order for the next few years