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  1. Buck Showalter

    Old guys playing in different eras

    I loved Kareem and thought he was incredibly dominant. His sky-hook may be the single most 'un-guardable' shot in the history of the NBA. But I have to agree with you. Although still a significant talent, he's one example of an individual that would "not" benefit from today's NBA.
  2. Buck Showalter

    Old guys playing in different eras

    2) Conversely, which players from past eras would have flourished in the modern NBA? I think Reggie Miller would have absolutely feasted in this current environment. He's the one person that always comes into my mind when I see the accelerated reliance on the three-point attempt...
  3. Buck Showalter

    5/31: Sale at Happ

    Speaking of not looking good.....some unsettled weather will be moving thru the Bronx-area tonight. This one might not start / finish until later in the night.
  4. Buck Showalter

    Ping Pong Luck: If not the Celtics...

    Cavs or Suns..... I like seeing the Knicks fans in misery.
  5. Buck Showalter

    PGA Championship- Bethpage Black

    I'm going on Saturday.....really excited to attend another Bethpage event. However, I "do" understand the low prices for this event. The traffic in-and-out of Long Island events is a special kind of misery.
  6. Buck Showalter

    Are baseballs juiced?

    Tuesday night - against the A's - Bogaerts hit a ball to centerfield (in Fenway) and after making contact, he appeared to be pissed that he "missed it"..... It carried to the warning track - over-the-head of the CFer and cleared the bases. That's the first thing I thought of when I read this...
  7. Buck Showalter

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Maybe. But that would be an act of cowardice. They had him right there --- could have punched him right back.....but they crawled into the fetal position.
  8. Buck Showalter

    Round 2: Celtics vs. Bucks

    Interesting take. I would think he'd be undersized for the task.....but given what a force Giannis is for "any" defender --- I'm willing to try it out.
  9. Buck Showalter

    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    Totally agree. He's not a contributor for a World Series Contender (of course this team isn't playing like one)……. For him personally....he can still remain in MLB for the next 3-5 years, make a nice living while bouncing around as a utility-guy with some of the franchises that will be under...
  10. Buck Showalter

    4/7 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Meander to Massachusetts to Match-up with the Marcus-led Celtics

    This team is a mess. Ainge has his work cut-out for him this offseason....which will come sooner that we all originally had thought.
  11. Buck Showalter

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    You mean (as mentioned during last night's telecast) you weren't in awe of Tim's list for Top 5 strongest MLB hands that he has shaken in his life? What a joke. And then Greenberg this morning tells us that he thinks the Cleveland Browns are the best team in the AFC. Good Lord.....they pay...
  12. Buck Showalter

    Flowers Springs to Detroit

    Right? We have a boatload of draft picks, free-agency to dive-into, and Belichick at the helm. Trey Flowers leaving for Detroit or any other city ain't making me get the sweats.
  13. Buck Showalter

    3/5 vs Warriors NO FEAR

    I woke up at 2:00 AM EST to take a piss and checked the score on my phone.....and was astonished. It's about time!
  14. Buck Showalter

    Peter Gammons on the Red Sox hitting philosophy

    On another note: I have to address Gammons' statement that: "the Red Sox have evolved in their organizational hitting philosophy to become the 21st-century version of Ted Williams’ “The Science of Hitting, Revisited.” While true or not.....I find it odd (especially if true) that Rich Gedman...
  15. Buck Showalter

    Peter Gammons on the Red Sox hitting philosophy

    I’m not going to herald or argue against the ‘productive outs’ thesis but I would think the Red Sox offense (especially during the 2018 postseason campaign) showed that curtailing strikeouts breathes oxygen into an overall offensive charge. As for Dalbec – great power potential, but 341 K’s in...