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    2019 NY Jets: Why Are You Laughing at Us? (Jets Hire Adam Gase!)

    The line The police report obtained by the Associated Press refers to the two women as “girlfriends.” is what really makes that story so wonderful. I read it to my daughter, and she said "good for them"
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    Celebrating What Is

    I wasn't considering St. Louis or San Diego because the teams were based there at the time. I was thinking Mexico City, London, and Champaign, Illinois, where the Bears played for one season while their stadium was being renovated that year, but I would argue that the Bears were still...
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    Celebrating What Is

    So this week I was thinking that an interesting trivia question would be in what three cities that don't have an NFL franchise has Tom Brady won a regular-season game? (I am also thinking that he is the only quarterback to claim that distinction...
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

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    XFL on ESPN, ABC, and FOX

    While No Rights Fees seems, on the surface, insane, it strikes me as a really smart gambit to maximize eyeballs in the short term and get the league on solid footing in the first season or two. Plus this means there's no production costs and increases the networks' stake in success.
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    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    I know the Cardinals could have finished both Game 6 or showed up for Game 7, but doesn't Denkinger calling Orta safe in the 1985 World Series also merit consideration in the championship probability swing discussion? With the right call, that series is over.
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    AAF Game/Season Thread

    As I said, joined a fantasy football league, and I find it hilarious that you cannot find boxscores for last night's games anywhere.
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    AAF Game/Season Thread

    Somehow my co-workers talked me into doing AAF Fantasy Football. So I will be paying more attention to this than I should.
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    Celebrating What Is

    I too watched the fourth quarter and I noticed after the final kneel down, Pats offensive players and Rams defensive players shaking hands or slapping each other on the back, except for one guy--Suh just runs off. Some times reputations are accurate and earned and I assume no Patriot wanted to...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    As someone who listens to PMT but consumes no other Barstool content, I agree with you 100%. I should probably caveat the earlier point about what happened with Van Talk as it being my opinion, but Big Car is a much bigger part of Barstool than PFT and the ownership stake thing has been...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    I think Big Cat has a loyalty to Barstool (and an ownership stake) that PFT does not. It seemed pretty clear to me during the ESPN Van Talk debacle that PFT did not like some of the decisions that Barstool made about the show, particularly branding it Barstool instead of Pardon My Take, which...
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    2018 Browns: We now have a dedicated thread. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

    Not always a big fan of ESPN's football reporting, but there's an interesting article about the Haslam era in Cleveland It contains perhaps one of the funnies things I have ever read in...
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    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread: NFCCG

    The Colts and their banners?
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    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    The Worcester Rusneys, in honor of the man that will never leave its roster.
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    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    Not only that, but the only thing people could mention about 04 was that we did it through the Wild Card. 2007 had no such caveat--division winners and World Series winners.
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    ALDS vs. MFY—Buckle Up

    I think he was kidding--the Mayo jar tipped me off.
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    2018 NBA offseason thread

    KD not in the top 2 is creating a fake issue to generate clicks and discussion at its finest. It is such a non-starter that it automatically disqualifies the entire list.
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    The Magic Number

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    JD Martinez Triple Crown Chase.

    And he led the league in triples, my all-time favorite random stat
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    The Ringer

    Because otherwise it would have been 100 episodes of the Challenge. The staff knows who they are writing to