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    RIP Tom Seaver

    This one hits hard. the Dodgers left when I was 10. I latched on to the Mets in 62 and suffered through all 120 losses. They stunk for years. And then Seaver arrived He wouldn’t accept losing. It’s almost like he singlehandedly turned the franchise around. A joy to watch. In that glorious 1969...
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    Emotional Rescue: or How I Learned to Love the Sox After They Traded Mookie

    As someone who watches the Celtics with little emotion, couldn’t care less if the Patriots win or lose unless I have a bet on the game, and wouldn’t watch a hockey game if it were played in my living room, I have no choice. I will watch and go to Sox games with or without Mookie. it’s the only...
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    2019 Presidents Cup

    I don’t like Patrick Reed for all the obvious reasons. But come on. A drunken idiot with two beers in his hand comes up to him and starts cursing him out from a few feet away. I don’t blame him or his caddy one bit. I blame security.
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    Very sorry to hear this. It was great talking to Stiffy at those old bashes. He’d be happy to know that I was in Jersey last week and had 4 rippers at Rutts Hut.
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    Price is right

    Just to be clear, though, my original comment was not in any way meant to be a negative one about Eck. I have no idea what he’s like as a person. I love him as an announcer. I just found it strange that people concluded that “Price is still a prick” because of that incident with him. It seems...
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    Price is right

    I feel really good for David Price. The most interesting thing to me was to see how strongly his teammates clearly felt about the guy, yet there are still people writing stuff like “he’s still a prick”. And why?i because he got pissed off at Dennis Eckersly. Bizarre. I love Eckersly as an...
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    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    I of course love all thes moments. But the two that stand out most for me are the play made by Nunez and Pearce to end the Yankee series and the play made by Devers against Machado in the 9th of game 4 of the World Series. Why? Because in each of those cases I was a nervous wreck watching...
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    BOS bullpen 2018

    Some of you have brought up something that I’ve felt for awhile. I feel that Our catchers call far too many breaking balls for these relievers. All of them. Even Kimbrel. I mean the other night Workman comes in and cleans up Kelly’s mess by blowing a guy away with fastballs. And then last...
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    The Alex Cora Difference

    I don't know. Like you, I watch most of pretty much every game and can only recall a few instances of a 3-0 swing, The two last night, another time that Leon made an out, and one time when someone hit a double or triple at an important moment. In Leon's case, I remember many instances where...
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    The Alex Cora Difference

    Lose: change what policy? If there is a policy that all hitters on the Red Sox have a green light on 3-0, no matter the circumstances, then I’m strongly against that policy. I don’t think Sandy Leon is a good enough hitter to make that decision.
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    The Alex Cora Difference

    Okay: a question. Do Sox hitters have the freedom to hit 3-0, or did Cora actually make that decision last night. In a tie game with a runner on first and no outs, Sandy Leon swings3-0. It seems to me that everyone should be praying for a walk there. I’d rather have him take three straight...
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    Kimbrel: closer to trouble or same as always?

    There are so many times in the past where Kimbrel has had a fastball that no human could hit that I always felt both Leon and Vasquez called far too many breaking pitches, which often serve no purpose other than to get the at bat into a hitter's count. I have always wondered whether Kimbrel...
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    The Unwritten Rules of Baseball: Your opinion?

    I guess it’s an unwritten rule, but the one thing that strikes me as the absolute silliest is that both dugouts, and especially both bullpens, feel the need to empty out onto the field whenever something like this happens. With all the changes to the game they always discuss, for the life of me...
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    World Series Game 7: No Tomorrow

    They're gonna win, so it will go unnoticed, but Reddick has been just awful .
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    World Series Game 5: It's a Best of Three

    I think this game tonight might be more of a must win game for the Dodgers than it is for Houston. If Kershaw loses tonight, then they have to face Verlander in game 6 and get a who knows what from Darvish in game 7. It's really kind of a must win game for both teams. Should be great.