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    NBA GOAT discussion

    Unless you solely judge guys by what they did and don’t factor in the era they played it’s weird to see people downgrade Jordan for 3 point shooting when we’ve seen guys like Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and Brook Lopez become passable to good 3 point shooters. Jordan was a really good shooter...
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    Kemba Walker to Boston

    I think Danny definitely has an ego, and I'm not saying that's bad. The Celtics are going to fill out the roster with the exception and vet minimum contracts. If free agents are weighing offers between multiple teams it gives them a head start having Kemba locked up. I've followed the Celtics my...
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    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Ego? Ainge has been getting killed in the media and I could envision a scenario where he wants the lower tier free agents to know the Celtics will still be players in free agency.
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    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Woj is probably the most reliable in these situations. He chooses his words carefully. Just now on sportscenter he said “Kemba is looking at the Celtics, they are more than a strong front runner, they are in a position to sign him when the moratorium ends”. I can’t see him saying something...
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    This picture on top of the Woj tweet is a bad sign for Boogie
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    Mayweather - McGregor 8/26

    They're honestly close to the standard Air Force 1 sole
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    2017 Celtics Offseason: News and General Discussion

    Zizic isn't ready to start. Hopefully it's more conditioning than athleticism, but he's not ready to be in the starting lineup this season. He's skilled, but he's not strong enough or quick enough right now (yes, even compared to Amir).
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    Finals - Pens and Preds

    Forget it, Jake; its Chinatown.
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    NBA Finals Gamethread or how the NBA has more downtime than Game Of Thrones

    Marc Davis. By far the worst official in the NBA. Constantly makes baffling calls and is trigger happy with technicals when people call him out on mistakes. Him and Doc used to go at it a lot when he coached here.
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    Pierce and KG reunited

    You're missing out, the Ray stuff is one segment the rest of them are telling stories and discussing the current NBA landscape
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    Race and the Red Sox

    As far as I know they play censored versions of songs at stadiums. I can't recall hearing unedited version of songs at any sporting event
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    The Super Bowl Thread

    It's the Pats man, definitely NWO Hogan
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 15 @ Broncos

    Talent wise 2005 Chargers had LaDainian Tomlinson, Michael Turner and Darren Sproles, although they didn't use Sproles a ton.