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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Bananas on HBO Real Sports tonight and also on an upcoming ESPN+ series.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Yes and no. The Banana Ball games are Globetrotter-esque, but their regular season games are not. In the Summer, they are a traditional wood bat college league (kind of like the Cape) and have won the Coastal Plain League 2x in the past 5 years. During the CPL season, they still do a little...
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    The Bananas will be on ESPN+ tonight for a Banana Ball game. They stream on YouTube as well, but this is kind of big for them.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    My family and I were at the game he pitched. That was just one of the many, many great things about that night. The Banana Ball rules are fun and the entire operation had a Harlem Globetrotters feel to it. This was our first Banana Ball experience - we have been to 2 regular league games in...
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    2022 Washington Nationals: "Going somewhere, Meat?"

    Reports here were NO deferred money - something the penny-pinching Lerner's always do. That is what drove Harper out. That is really "betting on himself".; let's see if it works out.
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    RIP MikeF

    Very sad news. His ST reports were fantastic and clearly he helped build a community we all take part in.
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    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Horrific name and amateur hour uniforms.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Picked up tickets for 3/12 to see their Banana Ball with the modified rules. Looking forward to it!
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    Poll: How long will the MLB lockout last?

    The Savannah Bananas!
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    SoSH favorite Eric Byrnes named manager for the Bananas Premier Team (the one that plays Banana-bal). View:
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Banana Ball World Tour announced.....
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    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    Look at the WFT and their "investigation" All that happened was that no report was issued and Snyder became more powerful by buying out his partners and taking on more debt that the league allows. My guess is there was a "change the name and we will not release what is in this report" dealings...
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    Google Image Search

    When I tried it in Firefox, that option was not there, changing to Chrome it was. Maybe that is the trick?
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    Field scheduling issues

    Would something as simple as Signup Genius work? Load in the available times / locations and list only one or 2 slots for teams to take.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    You will not be disappointed.