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    Texas Football: Tom Herman Out, Steve Sarkisian In

    You're just talking about the south end zone expansion. Even just on this latest round, UT is taking on $50 million in revenue bonds for it. UT claims these will be paid off from athletic revenue, but there's an opportunity cost to the institution for giving this money away to finance the...
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    Texas Football: Tom Herman Out, Steve Sarkisian In

    Sorry, you're right. I meant football and basketball. I used to be a huge college football fan, for Texas, but these kids are being taken advantage of, and the institution -- the people at the bottom -- are being shorted however much the bond issue for DRK expansion is.
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    Texas Football: Tom Herman Out, Steve Sarkisian In

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that collegiate athletics are about student athletes, actually have a meaningful connection to the institution, and are amateur.
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    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    Second for me after AJP is Ramiro Mendoza. Got paid here more than as a Yankee, putting up -0.5 and 0.7 bWAR seasons.
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    Ranking Cheating in Baseball

    Wade Boggs
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    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    If there's a silver lining to this thread, it's the rare, proper usage of begging the question.
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    Red Sox Offseason News and Notes

    I went to Memorial and Soule Road. Moved right before middle school. Woulda been class of ‘01
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    2019 Longhorns Football

    It’s not fixable with the coach. Deloss’s calculation to play hardball with and ultimately blow up the old conference is one of the worst examples of hubris that inherently puts UT at a competitive disadvantage indefinitely. We were the Joneses.
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    2019 Longhorns Football

    It's 1:05 p.m. And this post is a classic misdirection.
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    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    Any one that didn't get caught in a pay-for-sex-acts sting?
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    Poll: AB-C Ya Later? What Happens to AB?

    It’s asinine to judge before the facts are explored in a measured way.
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    Gaming connection speed

    Also, it’s important to make fun of him for using a keyboard/mouse on console.
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    A couple of nitpicks: 1) you obviously know who Kimbral is because you corrected the name to the proper spelling; 2) in his 6 most recent appearances (all but his first 2.2 IP), Kimbrel's line is 6 IP, 0 ER, 5 BB, 9 SO. And who knows how much his daughter's medical condition last season...
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    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    The people who were saying in here they were just reacting to the best information we have should think about how their assumptions match this fact/based news.