Wake's knuckle

<p>I am an astrophysicist currently positioned at Aarhus University in Denmark. To keep myself sane -- or rather to maintain a pleasant level of insanity in my life -- I'm divorced with two kids (currently 7 and 10), a Taylor acoustic guitar and deep, abiding love of baseball -- despite the fact that my parents were so disinterested in it that I wasn't even allowed to play little league when I wanted to. I grew up in Virginia and went to UVA -- which strangely led to my interest in the Sox, as someone got the Globe, which I would borrow to read Peter Gammons. Grad school at UMASS-Amherst and friendship with Boston natives finished the job. I finally made it to Fenway for the first time in 2008, sitting pretty far up behind home plate and got to watch JD hit a grand slam. Not bad for my first ML game!<br><br>
Obviously, I don't get to see games very often being overseas, TV or otherwise, but I read a lot about it and have always had a deep fascination with statistics, so it's ok.</p>
Apr 4, 1973 (Age: 48)
Aarhus, Denmark


Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
-- Pablo Picasso