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    12-3-21 @Utah

    I didn’t watch but that final score looks like a 1983 Western Conference game running on tape delay.
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    Welcome back, Jackie Bradley Jr.

    Welcome back, Jackie Horford Jr.!
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    Kemba reportedly a Knick

    I find this trend toward acquiring a semi-productive veteran only to sit him “to let the kids play” kind of odd TBH. Even after you factor in the contract stuff in the NBA, when you are shutting guys like Horford down it still seems like a super inefficient use of resources and kind of shitty to...
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    CFB Coach Carousel

    My favorite part is that the guy sat on that pic for 8 years for fear it would embarrass Kelly and harm the football program.
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    CFB Coach Carousel

    Hey, guys – this may not be a done deal in light of this discovery from the high integrity crack team of Irish reporters at the South Bend Tribune: View:
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    Also, great interview with EKF w Himmelsbach in the Boston Globe. The part about Lebron: Also, I love this exchange with Silver (and Silver’s reaction): Per last night’s discussion post-Tucker, my first reaction is that he’s navigating the politics well here.
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    No but let’s put it this way: if Kanter goes missing, it won’t have been his choice.
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    So, who do you think the Red Sox will sign?

    I wonder if Bryant is a better fit for the team than Schwarber. Better defender, can play multiple positions.
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    As for his play on the court: Not too shabby for a “fringe” guy.
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    Yeah, that's my hope and consistent with his use of Twitter and going after Lebron to get attention. I'm rooting for the guy. But I think it may be a little too early to tell for sure that he can navigate the politics of this, which are, as people recognize, complicated. Plus, there's no...
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    Agreed, tho it would def. suck if EKF were to be coopted by the right on this. Freedom has been so right on this so far that it would be disappointing if he just turns into another dude shitting on Lebron. Hopefully the BLM support suggests he has a broader view of things.
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    Jaylen Brown, The Vet Years

    I’m on Team @Jimbodandy
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    This shitheel is also a fan: View:
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 12 vs Titans

    Maybe Drew can give Mac some pointers on how Kraft moves on from the "He's like a son to me" mindset.
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Yeah. These massive variances in advanced stats for Mac’s game yesterday is only showing their limitations. It’s kind of ridiculous that we’re having a debate over whether the pass to Meyers was lucky or intentional, irrespective of whether it was, you know, complete. Or whether Mac should get...