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    5/5--hosting the Tigers again

    Any reason why Valdez hasn't pitched in 10 days? Haven't seen any mention of an injury.
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    Grade the Pats Draft: How Did BB/Nike Do?

    I guess part of it is having beenan 80's kid and having it drilled into me that drugs are bad, marijuana is bad, etc. I know society has started to come around on marijuana, but I still see a large portion of those smoking it as unmotivated. I welcome being proven wrong though.
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    Grade the Pats Draft: How Did BB/Nike Do?

    Voted C+. I don't mind Jones, but did we really want him or was he simply what was left after the wheel stopped spinning. I know I'm in the minority, but I'm not a fan of drafting a couple potheads, regardless of talent potential.
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    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    Like the pick overall, but any weather concerns? Born in and went to high school in Jacksonville, and Alabama for college. Has he even played in temperatures below 60 or even seen snow? That's not something to be overlooked.
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    NFL News and Transactions

    Is the new onside kick rule really going to make a difference? Teams are going to limited to 9 in the setup zone. Don't teams typically use 10 guys in the setup zone with 1 guy back deep to guard against a pooch kick and/or fake currently? Is having 1 fewer in the zone really going to make...
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    Trade Deadline Poll: Which lane will Danny choose?

    What will he do, or what should he do? I'd like to see him stand pat or sell a couple pieces, like Thompson. I don't think there's any addition he can make that would make them contenders. So use the trade expemption in the off-season and chalk this year up to growing pains.
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    Pats Sign DE Montravius Adams

    Is he facing any suspension for last May's arrest or has that been resolved?
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    Pats FA Day 2: Shock and Awe

    People are giving up on Harry too quick. He was injured part of his 1st year and had a QB notrious for not giving rookies much of a chance, and had Newton's noodle arm last year. Give him a chance with a full training camp and a competent QB willing to incorporate him in the offense.
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    NFL News and Transactions

    Fitzpatrick to Washington, so cross off any chance of him coming. View:
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    Pats FA Day 1: Where Do We Go From Here?

    It may not be high anyone else's list, but I want them to figure out K. Are they counting on Rohrwasser rebounding from last year's disaster? Folk was fine last year, and can be brought back, but at his age I don't think having a repeat of his best (last) season is likely and I'd like a K that...
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    NFL FA Frenzy Game Thread

    Depends on how you view "biggest". I would say K is up there. Unless you're counting on Rohrwasser. But there's basically crap for free agents. May have no choice but to bring Folk back.
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    How Many Top-Market FAs Will NE Sign?

    Hightower re-structured so that frees some up too.
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    Pats Sign LB Matt Judon

    Pleasantly surprised on how aggressive the Pats have been. That said, I have to be the turd in the punch bowl on this one. He's coming off the worst year of his career since his rookie year His PFF grade was terrible Ravens blitz more than other teams, inflating statistics Although I can't...
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    How Many Top-Market FAs Will NE Sign?

    Voted 0. We go through this every year. They'll be "in" or "sniffing around" the big names but in the end will sign 4-6 mid-tier guys that don't get you excited but end up contributing.