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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    Not only that but all potential future free agents (which I’m sure has been mentioned before). Yes fans and players understand the “it’s a business” mentality but what kind of precedence is set when you trade a guy who only played 5min of an entire season after signing a mega deal? Sign me up...
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    Mookie Betts appreciation thread

    Someone was bound to replace Lackey....
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    Colts Next Banner: We Almost Had McDaniels

    Pretty deflating situation for the Colts and their fans.
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    Winter Meetings 2018: Rumors and Speculation

    What I gather from the article after reading it again, he has a 10 team limited NTC. From November 2016:
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    Winter Meetings 2018: Rumors and Speculation

    I believe Kinsler has a limited no trade clause. Last off-season, I recall him to be holding Detroit hostage wanting to only waive it if he received an extension. Not sure where that stands at the moment. It would be interesting having Kinsler and Pedroia on the same MLB team given their...
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    Giancarlo Stanton Traded To Yankees

    He also has a full no trade clause. I have a heard time thinking he would approve the trade. It’s one thing to be in Stanton’s position trying to leave a non-contender, it’s another to be Ellsbury being asked to waive it going to a rebuilding team. And Ellsbury has zero incentive to approve it...
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    Ranking the GM's: The draft history

    Fascinating topic and thread. Question for the mass: should players drafted and not signed be counted as positives or negatives for draft history? While recognizing the talent is a positive, not being able to close the deal could be counted against them. Perhaps a discussion for a separate thread.
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    Spygate 2: Red Sox Stealing Signs and Relaying Electronically

    This. I mentioned to my buddy when I believe it was Alex Speier noted the foul ball frequency that either Sale was tipping his pitches (which was mentioned recently being a possibility), the Yankees were stealing signs or they just had their always lucky rabbit foot with them. Too convenient IMO....
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    What will D-Dom do before the trade deadline?

    FWIW, seeing lots of chatter on Twitter implying a deal for Todd Frazier in the works, possibly close. Haven't come across any reliable sources yet.
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    MLB Proposes Raising Strike Zone and Eliminating IBB

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you reasons that eliminating the intentional walk is a mistake..... Exhibit A, Exhibit B & Exhibit C
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    The off-season

    Jordan Walden having his option declined by STL. Good buy low candidate for the bullpen?
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    The off-season

    If lefty power is what they are looking for, probably the closest in oWAR would be Cano. There are a lot of obstacles to acquiring him. One being a NTC. He may not wave it if he wants to play defense which his defense when compared to the incumbent second baseman isn't as good. Then there is the...
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    Yoan Moncada to be called up on Friday

    65 according to
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    Lamar Odom Taken From Brothel To Hospital

    "Some guys just can't handle Vegas"   Or Pahrump rather.....   In all seriousness, sad news considering his past history. Hopefully he pulls through
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    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

      The bolded is what is concerning. Maybe it would be reason enough to stand pat with trading bats this winter (i.e. Panda, Hanley) that could be slotted at DH should it be a long term injury.