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    Bob Zupcic (and Other Bright Specks in the Firmament)

    The second part of the clip, that wonderful catch, is from Sept. 13th, 1992, a game I remember well because I was upset Tony Pena wasn't playing but I recalled seeing him on the replays of this catch in the bullpen. Wonderful to spot him again!
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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    The Lester no-hitter was something else. Talk about goosebumps: interrupted by lymphoma (which he crushed), Lester was incredible from his debut in 2006 through 2008. His numbers in that stretch are boffo. He won a WS clinching game. And he threw that gem on May 19th, 2008. Youkilis makes...
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    Thank you David Price

    I loved Price before he came, I was so glad he did, and I hope he has nothing but success going forward. He obviously loves to compete, loves standing up for his dudes, and gives it his all - I never doubted his commitment or effort, and I was continually dismayed at the gruff he got in the...
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    Who will be the next manager?

    One more major plus for a McMillon candidacy: he's the guy who taught and transitioned Mookie from 2B to the OF. Didn't manage him for too long in 2014 at AA (he also was with Betts in Salem in 2013), but maybe there's a bond?
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    Who will be the next manager?

    I'm sorry to post something that's not much of a contribution, but I'd be so happy if Tony Pena were our manager.
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    Alex Cora fired

    Why #3? Because of #4? He's probably only had some spring training time with these guys, it's not like he's walking around the clubhouse making anybody's jaw drop.
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    Alex Cora fired

    Said it in the other thread but I think going outside the org is a tough move - a new coach would want his own staff - rightfully so: there's no reason to believe the current staff had any lack of confidence in Cora (especially considering, seemingly, no one spoke up if the Sox were doing...
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    Cora in line for major suspension?

    Very hard to imagine MLB issuing any kind of punishment once the season starts. There's plenty of time, but one might think that by spring training would be a deadline, if MLB cares about that kind of thing.
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    Who will be the next manager?

    It's hard to imagine the Sox doing a full-blown managerial search between now and the season starting, let alone spring training. Even "putting out feelers" would be a lot to do/ask. Bringing in someone from outside the organization would be tough - do you let them pick their own staff? Do you...
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    If your goal is to keep Mookie, you ask Mookie if he prefers CF or RF (or 2B, or bench coach...) and let him pick.
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    Sandy Leon traded to Indians

    Few batters looked so smooth and effortless striking out on pitches in the dirt as Sandy did. And the hustle after... those pads ain't gonna put themselves back on! Half my heart/head says to buy-in on 130+ games of Vaz, and the other half wishes it was an area we had room/motivation to...
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    Red Sox accept White House invitation

    The U.S. has its own baseball team - when they win something, they should go to the White House. Leave the leagues out of it.
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    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    I suspect they don't go for one of the many, many clever/historically relevant names listed here, and settle on something like the Worcester Green Monsters (or drop the "Green"). Sounds more like a Class-A or AA team to me, but it's pretty ripe for the pickin'.
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    Mookieference Call in ALCS Game 4

    I'm thinking about what must have been going through Joe West's mind. It comes down to this: he must assume that any fan standing in the first row who extends their hands forward has crossed the plane into the field of play. Standing in your seat, you knees probably have, at most, a few inches...
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    Eovaldi to Red Sox, per Rosenthal

    I came here looking for this conversation, but perhaps it should be broader. What is this teams 2019 rotation? Under contract: Sale Porcello (do you lock him up for more than next year?) Price (assuming he opts in) ERod (Arb) Johnson (Pre-Arb) Velazquez (Pre-Arb) Steven Wright FA's: Eovaldi...