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    Stanley Cup Predictions

    Bruins in 5 with Krejci getting the Conn Smythe. I think B's win games 1 and 2 at home, then take game 4 after a spirited game 3 from St Louis filled with a few headshots. Then close it out at home game 5 with John Moore playing 19+ minutes in game 5 due to the head hunting earlier in the series.
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    Diary of a commentator

    Holy bananas that's quite a carrot to dangle for you! Best of luck hope they can sneak into a few European Tour events!
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    December NHL Game Thread

    I'd do that, Krug is probably going to be paid very well in a year and a half and unlikely by us. If you could turn Krug, a secondary scorer, a mid to late first and UV into a slightly slumping 27 year old left handed winger you're getting a steal. Even at current course and speed he's on pace...
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    Diary of a commentator

    So fun to watch this thread i even forced myself to rewatch the Drake play :(
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    Bruins claim Gemel Smith

    Average size at 5'11" - 195lb Left Handed. Not a great sample on him over those 77 games, 70/157 for 44.6% face-offs but he wasn't taking many of them this year (2/4 for 50%). Last year he got about 9.5 minutes a game, this year he was about 8 minutes, with a strong slant of only using him...
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    No Game Today

    12 innings to force a draw in the championship series is interesting idea. Could you imagine Friday's game being called a draw? They have made it to a Game 8 before right? My Japan Series knowledge is lacking.
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    2018 NYFG: How offensive are Opie, the O-line & Odell?

    Kelvin Harmon? Saquon, Shepard and OBJ aren't nearly enough weapons for a player like Eli!
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    2018 Patriots: Injury Watch

    Nothing I have seen has been definitive, but Mike Reiss did say on September 30th, that there was a chance he could come off IR this year along side Burkhead, while saying Bentley and Hill did not look to be able to recover in time for this season. But that was 3+ weeks ago, so sorry if that...
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    Possible NFL Rule changes

    Wonder if teams will look to just pop the ball 20-25 yards down field over the wall of the return team knowing the return team cant engage the coverage team, as like a chip onside kick.
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    When's it ever gonna end?

    @Miami will be tough right before Turkey day and the end of a 3 game swing.
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    Boston SportsDoc Injury Blog Thread

    Just got caught up on the blog, excellent breakdowns for the laymen Dr. Geary. Thanks!
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    Chelsea 17/18 We know what we are

    Cahill, Oh Cahill. Batshuayi just wasn't able to hold the ball at all to take pressure off and it let them just keep coming at the in-flux back line. Morata settled the entire side, but it was a bit too little too late. Christiansen looked okay as did Rudiger, but things were pretty much a...
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    Greg Bedard's - Boston Sports Journal

    Yep agreed good stuff did the 3 year and really can't see much of a way this isn't worth 2 bucks a month. Especially if they keep from going hot takez!
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    The terribly mediocre Lakers

    Yeah even before that Foye and Bayless were useful pieces. Pretty good track record of 1st year guys that shine enough to win MVP.
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    2017 General NFL Transactions and News

    Boils down to Butler and an 18' 7th to Miami for a '17 1 & 5. The is also a Garoppolo one which is Jimmy G to Chicago for 2017 and 2018 second rounders.