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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    The only question is whether @elias is a game 1 or game 2 BABIP sacrifice
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    Dolphins: Year Tua

    Upset potential? View:
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    LOL. Icon former MVP? If the Pats has signed Peyton should he have started? Because both he and Newton were last good around the same time.
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    N.F.L.’s top lawyer had cozy relationship with Washington team president

    Man, just when I thought I had put DFG completely out of my mind... I get reminded what a lying, amoral, sack of shit that Jeff Pash is, and it makes my blood boil all over again. Fuck this fucking league.
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    Mookie redux

    He's been outstanding in the playoffs for LA. 24 games, 17-7 record, hitting .337 / .398 OBP / .516 SLG / .914 OPS, 3 HR / 12 RBI / 17 R, 8 SB / 0 CS. He's been fantastic for them in the playoffs.
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Dammit why 8pm on Monday. Oh well.
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    Celebrating What Is

    Yep Marquise Hill, RIP
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    Celebrating What Is

    Be especially funny if he went to GB and won a ring or two there after Rodgers couldn't get it done for years.
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    Pats Offense: Ongoing discussion

    Thanks SMU, fantastic post. Will be interesting if not necessarily telling how they deploy the line this week.
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    They have 4 points in 3 road games, and 7 points in 3 home games. 1-1-1 on the road, 2-0-1 at home. Keep that pace up and they'll be more than fine. Remaining road games: @ Jamaica 11/16 @ Canada 1/30 @ Mexico 3/24 @ Costa Rica 3/30 Win in Jamaica, lose in Azteca, and draws in Canada and Costa...
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    Commentators are Pathetic (except when they're not): Catch-all Thread

    I didn't / don't have a problem with understatement. Pat's call on the game winner was... ok. But overall Pat had not only lost his fastball, but he had lost all his other pitches too. He was past being ready to retire that point. Just prior to AV kicking the winner they showed a replay from...
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    Commentators are Pathetic (except when they're not): Catch-all Thread

    Prime Pat was great with Madden. Super Bowl 36 Pat was a disaster, an embarrassment to Fox, and a disservice to all football fans.
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    Patriot Trade Deadline Speculation

    Still not sure what to make of either the Pats or the Chargers. I think both are better than last year. But the Pats won there just last year - 45-0 no less.
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    The Belichick Breakdown Thread

    No. He has always done this. And TBH ST has sucked this year for the most part until Sunday.