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    2020 NFL: Wk.13 Game Thread

    Cincinnati is a dirty football team. They just nailed the Dolphins punter for the 2nd time in a row. The whole Dolphins team did the football version of charging the mound, and it was absolutely necessary.
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    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    WTF with the emotional exhaustion? This is a do or die game, he can rest next week.
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    NL Wild Card Thread - Rockies @ Cubs

    The rules are the rules says Slappy McBluelips
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    NL Wild Card Thread - Rockies @ Cubs

    I'm stressing out and I don't care who wins .
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    4G Android phone megathread

    Does anyone have the S9?
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    Chelsea Favreau (daughter of SoSHers) Scholarship Fund

    Done. Thank you Jen!! Let me know if I can help you with this
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    Sadly it is time to replace my 2012 Toshiba Satellite. All I do on this computer, is web surfing, email and household budget stuff. I would also love to watch movies but that is about it. My issue is I would prefer not to have a touch screen, we don't work well together. What is the best...
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    Prime Day 2017

    I got the Instant Pot for $89.99 which is a great deal. I have friends who have raved about it so I am really excited.
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    One Season or Fewer, Your LEAST Favorite Red Sox

    I know he was technically here for a year and a half but he was hurt most of the time so I am counting it as one year....Carl Crawford. I literally hate everything about him, from his crappy play to the fact that SoSH reached out to him and he couldn't be bothered to give us the time of day but...
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    Facebook Security

    Oh wow, I'm sorry, that is awful. What a nightmare!! I am very lucky that so far this has only cost $150 which hopefully I will get back. I do agree that it makes me feel very dirty and in a strange way violated.
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    Facebook Security

    You are probably right but it is the interface that I am most comfortable with. I have a gmail account but I hate it. I have to look around to find a good one. Any suggestions?
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    Facebook Security

    The cards weren't associated with me. They were all random visa numbers that must have been stolen from other places but they weren't mine. In all this the only money I am out is the $150 in paypal charges that will be refunded. I realize it could have been MUCH worse, but I am trying to make...
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    Facebook Security

    The reason I had set up payments to fb was for stupid games that my husband likes to play. It has all been deleted and will never be done again.
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    Facebook Security

    Since I posted this I realized that my email was hacked as well and all emails from the month of March were deleted. I called AOL and got them all recovered. In those emails were about 100 from Walmart saying orders had been placed and then another saying each order had been cancelled. I...
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    Facebook Security

    Someone hacked into my facebook yesterday and managed to spend $150 in charges to my paypal account. I reported it to facebook and paypal, cancelled my paypal agreement with facebook, opened ae oan investigation and changed all passwords. Today I just get an email that I requested to have my...