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    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go?

    I’m not out on Stidham, but he hasn’t shown anything. Those preseason stats are pretty meaningless, I think we can all agree. I just doubt Stidham in his second year is better than the GOAT in his 21st, but I could certainly be wrong. I personally think with the supporting cast Brady has in TB...
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    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go?

    I guess I don’t share the same perspective on this as most people here. Could be due to the fact that I’ve soured on the NFL and have been looking forward to Brady and BB’s exit as my cue to close this chapter of fandom in my life. I wish the exception had been given to Tom to go out a Patriot...
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    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go?

    I lost my job on Monday due to this virus mayhem. But this feels like the bigger gut punch of the two. BB’s ego got in the way of this. Brady should’ve been afforded the opportunity to retire a Patriot. Belichick is going to be gone in 2 or 3 years. THE RUN WAS FUCKING ENDING IF NOT ALREADY...
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    Leonard and George to Clippers

    My money is on NY. Especially if Dolan's ego is feeling bruised after this off-season.
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    Leonard and George to Clippers

    I don't think Paul was going to accept a trade to Boston. And if you go forward w it anyway, all PG would proceed to do is demand a trade publicly.
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    Irish Backstop

    Maybe it's ridiculous but I'd be down for a DLo signing and a Brown/Smart/Memphis pick deal for Beal. The FA window is very weak next year. And unless Giannis tires of Milwaukee or KAT demands a trade, we're not going to have a chance at a true superstar for a while. Let's score 120 a game...
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    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    The Celtics are at/over the cap if Kyrie leaves. The only reason they can resign him is because you're allowed to exceed the cap if you're resigning your own player. Otherwise their hands are tied when it comes to signing a max player.
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    Kevin Durant Offseason Thread

    Just spit balling... If KD doesn't want to return to GS after this year, and Kyrie doesn't want to return to Boston... Would a Hayward for Durant sign and trade make any sense for GS/Boston? Assuming KD is willing to sign w Boston. It would allow Boston to develop Brown and Tatum, fully...
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Where's the speculation coming from that Carolina would be punting on 2019?
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    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Cooks played like an idiot against the Eagles last year. First the brain dead leap in to the defenders arms, followed up with running around in circles inviting a defender to level him. He seems like a great guy and teammate. But if he'd come back to haunt us this year, that would've really...
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    McVay was using this game to drive down Goff's market value in contract negotiations. 4D chess. Edit: Goff is who we thought Eli was.
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    Kyrie speculation

    The leader stuff would be the overblown if Kyrie wasn't hitting everyone over the head with how he wants to be a leader, how he's trying to be a leader, and continues to fall on his face every other week.
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    Kyrie speculation

    My bad. I assumed with Kyrie off the books we'd have enough space to make a run at Durant, or any other max FA. I unfortunately forgot about the Hayward contract. In regards to Kyrie, why does he continue to push the limits on what is acceptable behavior/comments with a team that is clearly a...
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    Kyrie speculation

    Trade this guy, he's a headache. I'd rather regress, and build around Tatum and Brown and possibly make a run at Durant in the off-season.
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    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    That seems like a lot of equivocating. You can only ever play who is front of you, the Celtics were just a few minutes away from dethroning Cleveland. I agree with LeeTinsley. Kyrie's faux intellectual outlook on leadership, and his constant airing of grievances to the media is becoming...