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    Yankees Sign NL Home Run Champion For $3 Million

    Alvarez only really makes sense if you want him to platoon with Holliday; he can't play the field at all. Carter is really nothing but home runs; he's an awful defender and base runner and can't make contact otherwise to save his life. He had the same wRC+ as Wilmer Flores last year. That said...
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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Another Bill Simmons thread turns tragic.
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    ALDS: Indians vs Red Sox

    The big concern has to be the at-bats by Betts, Bogaerts and Bradley, particularly the latter two, who have been awful since the calendar flipped to August. Bogaerts was so bad tonight that, if there existed any other realistic option on the roster, I'd bench him for Game 2; Kluber's breaking...
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    July & August & September Minor League game thread

    Jason Groome's GCL debut: 2 IP, 3 K, five swings and misses in 19 pitches.
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    The Bullpen Thread

    For what it's worth with Papelbon, he was mostly fine before going on the DL with an intercostal strain in early July: 24.2 IP, 9 ER, 2 HR, 8 BB, 19 K. Those aren't sterling numbers, but they're more than adequate for a seventh- or eighth-inning reliever, especially in this horror show of a...
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    Farrell on the hot seat

    For what it's worth, I'm not gung ho on the "Fire Farrell" train (or what have you). But it is frustrating to see this team make mistakes on things they should be prepared for or know, and that falls on the manager and his coaching staff. And that's regardless of whether or not Kimbrel missed...
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    Farrell on the hot seat

    Does this team just not read advance scouting reports? Two runners thrown out by George Springer despite everyone knowing he has a cannon for an arm. Two home runs for Colby Rasmus on fastballs down and in despite the fact that you should never, ever throw him that pitch. These are basic, simple...
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    Red Sox announce Dave Dombrowski is their new president of baseball operations.

    For everyone worried about Dombrowski emptying the farm system: If anything, this organization seems ripe for a harvest (so to speak). The Red Sox are loaded with high-upside, low-minors prospects with a barren upper part of the system and nothing in the way of impact pitching any time soon. The...
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    Who plays 1B next year?

      There are nearly 700 plate appearances at Triple A to show that Shaw is nothing at all to be excited about, and that's a level that he repeated, too. It's nice that he's hit well so far, but he's a very long shot to keep that up.     Ah, didn't know that on Craig. Agreed that the chance is...
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    Who plays 1B next year?

    The fact that Craig hasn't been called up to take Napoli's spot suggests that he's not in the team's plans for the present or future. He'll be here in September once the minor-league season ends, but I wouldn't be surprised if he rides the pine for most of the month and gets moved in a salary...
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    Koji to the DL with a broken wrist

      And hey, Uehara won't be wasting his last innings on a go-nowhere team. Him getting the last six weeks of the season of isn't the worst thing to happen, though it means that any lead of three runs or fewer is almost guaranteed to be blown from here on out.
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    Will John Farrell still be the manager after the season?

    I wonder how much of guys like Napoli and De Aza continuing to get playing time is about keeping the clubhouse for Farrell. Benching veterans despite struggles or uselessness for the future in favor of guys who are untested, raw or haven't produced/"earned it" seems to me like the kind of thing...
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    Why Not JBJ?

      God forbid these guys actually enjoy the game they're playing. Better to have nine Paul O'Neills out there, smashing water coolers and throwing tantrums with every loss?
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    Garbage time again: what's the plan this time?

      Two out of three ain't bad.
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    Will John Farrell still be the manager after the season?

    Since the All-Star break, the Red Sox are 2-12, headed for 2-13. The team came into the second half with a small shot at contention and instead fell flat on its face and has looked awful in every facet of the game for the last two weeks.   Obviously, it's not Farrell's fault that his rotation is...