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    2/11 Celtics visit Houston

    The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce should hire you to make this into a commercial.
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    2/1 B’s @ Wild

    This is fun.
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    1/31- B’s @ Jets

    That was awesome
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    1/31- B’s @ Jets

    Rask is a goddamned star
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    1/31- B’s @ Jets

    This game is nuts
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    Pastrnak: Place Among Bruins Snipers?

    Oh yeah, I remember him doing shit like that but him just bulling guys was the memory that stuck with me (and also something I would try on the ice since I was a shitty stick handler but was usually stronger than my friends).
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    Pastrnak: Place Among Bruins Snipers?

    The memories I have of Cam are him holding a puck, just leaning on some poor defenseman to block him out from the puck at full speed and ripping a shot past the goalie. Strength, speed, smarts and a wicked shot. Marchy uses his speed and that longass stick to get body position, but isn't...
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    Pastrnak: Place Among Bruins Snipers?

    Great puck handler and skater, good passer. I don't think his shot is in Pasta's class and I think the gap is pretty big. Pasta's ability to pick a spot and drill it there off the one timer, wrister or slapshot is, to me, most similar to... Ray Bourque.
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    Bruins v. Jets

    Lotta blondes. Anyone done a study on mother's hair color and hockey talent. Also lol at pastamom
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    Bruins @ Predators

    Bergy always dresses like he is about to head to Gorky park to meet with his KGB counterpart.
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    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    I want this on the live feed as well so it looks like the catcher is flashing his... sign.
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    1/6 at Wizards

    Ents have beards, man.