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    Bruins sign Linus Ullmark

    My original thought at seeing 4x$5m was Rask may be done, but he very easily could come back late in the season. This does make that less likely though, which definitely makes me sad. Some folks just have no idea how good Rask is (he belongs in the HOF) because of how easy he makes it look. I...
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    Bruins sign Tomas Nosek

    The Bruins biggest problems the past three seasons are that their 3rd and 4th lines have been awful in the playoffs. They don't play with possession, and get pushed around. While neither Haula or Nosek is a headline signing, they do improve the bottom 6 that has been really outplayed by the...
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    Bruins sign Derek Forbort (3 x $3M)

    Essentially just an older, bigger, but less mobile Lauzon. Suspect he gets PK minutes, and does a lot of D-Zone faceoffs and fills Lauzon's minutes for the most part on the 3rd pair. $3m seems like kind of a lot for him, but it won't hamstring them much. Have to wonder if Zboril ends up...
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    He also adds Forbert will head to Boston as well. 6 years to Coleman is brutal, and potentially Belesky level bad. Nice player, and he could help the 3rd line, but yikes at that term and AAV. He’s barely passed 20 goals twice in his career. Let’s hope that’s not real.
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    Big fan of the signing. He’s an underrated player and I don’t think anyone left on the left side gives you as much as he does. I’m still ok signing a depth piece like Forbort who is a little more defensive oriented as a depth piece. Very content so far with their moves on Reilly and Hall...
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    Bruins #21 Pick - Fabian Lysell

    Watching the highlights reminded me of Mat Barzal, but Lysell doesn’t appear to have the Center pedigree that Barzal had. The speed and hands look similar, although Lysell has a long way to go to get to Barzal’s level.
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    2021 NHL Entry Draft

    But why wouldn’t Edmonton just select him at 20?
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    2021 NHL Entry Draft

    So did Boston really want a goalie there?
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    July NHL News and Notes

    Final deal is Garland and OEL to Vancouver and 2021 1st round pick (9th overall), 2022 2nd round pick, 2023 7th round pick, Eriksson, Beagle and Roussel to Arizona. Glad the Bruins stayed out of that one.
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    Taylor Hall back in Boston: 4 years, $6 million AAV

    Pretty sure this has been in the can a while, and they just needed to wait until after the expansion draft to avoid having to protect him. Very good news, and great value. I am very happy with it.
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    2021 NHL Entry Draft

    We are drafting Corson Ceulemans (RD), and no one can convince me otherwise. I don't even know if I am joking.
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    The best thing for him is to increase his strength, so hopefully it's all muscle and helps him next year. Big offseason for him.
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    I think the deal is done, and the comments against it are just to push back on the "deal is done" stuff so there are no issues regarding the expansion draft. I suspect he signs a deal within a week of the expansion draft. If not, then we can worry.
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    CN - The Final

    Really hoping Tampa can put us all out of our misery quickly and end this with a 4 game sweep. Let’s just forget this final ever happened.
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    Offseason Game Thread

    I‘m currently trying to trade time on a lawsuit for a contractor to fix two outside walls of mine. I still have to rip out a random sliding door and turn it into a window, then rip out the remaining carpet and re-do the flooring in two rooms upstairs, then do the upstairs stairs, and then...