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    6/2 Sunday @ NYY

    After losing four straight games, being down 9.5 in the division, and nearly blowing a three run lead your comment is "too many throws?"
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    The Legend of Xander

    Any word on whether or not he’ll require a DL stint?
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    Red Sox acquire Ian Kinsler

    Who goes? Hopefully not Brasier - has looked awfully good.
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    Eovaldi to Red Sox, per Rosenthal

    Man. I’m really rooting for the guy, but it seems like (obviously) either he’s not ready for major league hitters or he just doesn’t have it. I hope he can work through it...
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    7/18/18 MiLB Gameday: Pom and Circumstances

    If Pomeranz can return to even serviceable form, that would be huge... just somebody you can roll out as a 4 or 5 and possibly feel better about than, say, stretching out long relievers 2/5 starts.
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    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    Just throwing it out there - not saying it’s likely or even possible - but if the Angels were to sell, could we get somebody like Tyler Skaggs? Not an FA until 2021. Could be an interesting route to pursue, should it make itself present.
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    Potential Trade Deadline Targets predicted the Sox to get Gennett for CJ Chatham and a “lower pitching prospect.” What do we think about that?
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    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    I’m not saying he wouldn’t require a huge package, I guess I was just thinking that he’d be cheaper than, say, Machado.
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    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    Would love to see the Sox get a guy like Scooter Gennett who likely wouldn’t require a king’s ransom. Other targets? Brad Hand? Know we don’t have the prospects for a major deal.