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    9.26 - The End of The Eck Era Is Upon Us

    I have a feeling that Seabold's flapping glove is telepathically telling hitters "Hit me. Hit me."
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    How to get back in this thing

    Oops. That 9.4 BB/9 must be a mistake. He walks too many hitters, but he's only walked 67 in 170.2 innings, and 65 in 155 last year, so about 3.65 per 9 innings (unless I misunderstand here).
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    9/21: The Six O’Clock Alarm Would Never Ring

    If I were facing Seabold, I'd find it hard to keep from yelling, "Jaysus, will you stop with that idiotic fluttering-of-the-glove thing. It's annoying, and not in a get-me-out kind of way. Just stop." I'm just watching the game and it annoys me.
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    Mookie details Boston exit

    I think this thread is a reflection of life more generally. If you come from nothing, then even a little something can feel like big stuff. I grew up poor in NYC and went off to college in Maine. Wealthy kids thought the digs and food were meager. I thought I was in heaven. Likewise, I grew...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    Suppose that said head were included as part of an extension package. Would that make him happy?
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    And then Beni didn't get the greatest jump on Kirk's 2-run double (almost 3-run double, with Vlad Guerrero being about 2 feet behind the runner in front of him and just being tagged out at the plate). So, ex-Sox guys were crucial in the NY game yesterday.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    I wondered about that report. It's hard to imagine throwing productively with a fractured finger. I assume the finger is splinted somehow, and the thought of throwing with a splinted finger or for that matter, throwing with an unsplinted fractured finger hurts a little just thinking about it.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    As someone who has cycled seriously for his entire adult life, the big question I'd have here is how functional his hand was while riding with his injury. My bike handling skills are pretty decent, but not nearly as good if I'd riding one-handed or anything close to one-handed. And if I can't...
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    It dawns on me Duran seems like that athletic guy in high school, the speedy one on the football or track team, the one who someone sees and says, "You know, he looks strong, and he's fast, kinda like a baseball centerfielder. Let's recruit him for the team." And they do. He looks the part in...
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    8/7- A Royal Conquest

    He not only gets to it, but makes it look easy. Duran makes a lot of balls look really hard to catch.
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Thanks for posting those highlights. I was a boy when Yaz, Lynn, and Evans were Sox outfielders, and I loved watching them. As good as they all were in their own ways, Bradley exuded a kind of physical grace and confidence as an outfielder that was unparalleled. I was always confident he was...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    That video took me way back to high school and American Legion playing days. Yes, there was a reason to try hard to strike out every hitter. Ha!
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    Ah, I didn't see or read his response after the game. They are obviously two different things, his reaction in the moment and his subsequent reaction to his reaction in the moment. On the latter, anything but genuine remorse (no matter what his state of mind actually was in the moment), a firm...
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    Duran's reaction is consistent with many different mental states, all of which might sensibly account for his behavior (I don't mean justify, simply explain). For instance, maybe he doesn't care that much. Maybe he was demoralized by his own gaffe. Maybe he reacted like a little kid who can't...
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    Explaining baseball’s next experiment to limit shifts: The ‘pie-slice rule’

    Leaving aside whether anyone wishes to see a deluge of bunts down the 3B line, I find it interesting how seldom I see players bunt that way, much less do so effectively. Obviously, if a slugger does it often, the defense might be quite content to hold him to a single. Perhaps he does it really...