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    iPhone 13

    Not necessarily iPhone 13 specific, but anyone here have Google Fi with their iPhone? I've been thinking about making the switch from Pixel but I wonder how functional it would be.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Heinicke was better than this version of Mahomes
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Beating Brees, Rodgers, Mahomes. Anyone else ever defeat a trio of quarterbacks that great?
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    Would you feel safe attending a game at Fenway tonight?

    Assuming good mask compliance and physical distancing, I'd probably feel safe, but ethically I couldn't do it. In addition to possibly infecting others, there's a message that attending a baseball game right now sends, and it's absolutely the wrong one.
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    Overseas baseball is back!

    Quite impressed with the level of commentary in this game.
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    Overseas baseball is back!

    Here's the schedule.
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    Overseas baseball is back!

    Here's a link to stream some games
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    Volin, Owners, Sources, and Other Stuff. Maybe.

    Seems justified reporting this to his superiors.
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    Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke

    I'm surprised he stayed in Sturdy Memorial and didn't come up to Boston.
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    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    In anticipation of being known in the future as David "10 Rings" Price.
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    Mookie Betts appreciation thread

    First AL player to win MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger awards in the same season. Dominating.
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    Dave Dombrowski knows more than you do

    Thought experiment also depends on who they could have traded for at peak Lars value, and if you want to stretch it further, any subsequent moves and non moves would have made a difference between the 2007 and 2013 championships. I suppose if they traded Anderson between 2008-9 and got the right...
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    Celebrating What Is, Red Sox Variety

    Edit: dumb joke. But if we are including media personalities then David Ortiz sort of counts.
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    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    He should still be the best RB in the free agent market by a mile, will only be 27, and with one year less wear and tear. I dunno, I think someone will pay him.
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    2018 College Football Week Eleven thread

    Did he ever beat Lawrence while in high school?