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    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    I agree that that is what you may want out of a pitcher for that amount of money but is that really the direction of the game right now as a whole? There were 4 pitchers who broke the 210 IP mark in 2019 and 15 who got above 200. Syndergaard pitched 197.2, I'd be pretty happy with that from Sale.
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    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    Why are you trying so hard to lock him up? You may not like him on a personal level and no one is going to ever extricate Mookie's amazingness to this kids lack of it, but really as far as you know he is not actually a criminal.
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    No Game Today

    In Madison WI it has rained for a month, or more. Today the sun came out and the Red Sox stopped playing. I dont know what that means.
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    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    It is weird. If I look at the numbers I'm totally cool to roll with them. The reality seems so much different. I don't get it either.
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    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    According to Fangraphs the Red Sox relievers have the 6th best xFIP in baseball, thats hardly "Meh".
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    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    He's about the same size as Pesky, I'm on board.
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    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    He's had a total of 13 PA's. Sam Travis is more on this team than Pedey, he also had about 150 more points of OBP. I love Pedroia as much as the next guy, and he can have all the personality in the world, but rehabbing a knee in Arizona doesn't get him much cred on this team.
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    What’s it all about, Rafi?

    Very little of this makes sense.
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    We're halfway through the season

    My favorite review of that lineup: "That’s not a lineup. It’s a natural disaster of biblical proportions waiting to impose itself on opposing pitchers like some sort of Apocalyptic Incarnation of Holy Vengeance. This is AC/DC, circa 1979, showing up to play your high school battle of the bands...
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    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    It's clearly this issue. JBJ has been subpar offensively up to this point but all signs point to a breakout. It's really whatever narrative you want to hang your hat on but with more snark. At the end of the year one side will be proven more right than the other hopefully.
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    We're halfway through the season

    This is so true. I have forgotten hundreds of MLB good/really good teams. I will never ever forget the 2003 Detroit Tigers. Those stat lines crack me up everytime. As far as why it might not feel like the Sox are crushing, maybe its because they still have competition, as in Houston and NY...
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    Two over .700 teams meet in early May

    All while winning 52 1-run games. I don't see it, but it is possible. Through 67 games they have a +25 diff. I'd say that's all smoke and mirrors.
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    Catching Hell

    4% - Vaz went 2-4 tonight. 38% - Things are turning around! 53% - This probably won't last, shitty contract. 5% - ?????
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    Catching Hell

    If all of this is true, and it's written convincingly for sure, then the vast majority of this thread is hand wringing and speculation.