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    6/25 Sox vs. Sox 2.0

    I have tickets for the game but my flight got delayed. Can someone arrange a rain delay?
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    6/25 Sox vs. Sox 2.0

    Weird indeed. 2 CF and no RF.
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    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    This article is terrible in so many ways. First, the ball didn’t “land in the stands”, it caromed back onto the field from Mookie’s glove. Baseball isn’t a game of coin flips. 10D catching the ball with bases loaded is a result of his defensive skill. It’s not simply “unlucky”.
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    Let's just take a moment, here.

    Such an enjoyable team to watch. They look like they're playing a game with their friends. Their highly skilled, world class athlete, millionaire friends.
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    The Magic Number

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    October Game Thread

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    Jose Fernandez killed in boating accident

    The news thus far says that they received reports of an overturned boat at 3am. Since thus far there have been no reported survivors, it is possible someone noticed the wreckage at 3am and it happened earlier. Tragic regardless of it it was a bad decision or not.
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    A little Sox HR trivia,633651
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    East Finals

    I approve of this result.
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    East Finals

    Get well soon, Stammer.