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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    I think that only happens if Wall is willing to give up some real dollars. Tillman is not exactly flush. If there is buyout, either Wall needs to sacrifice or find a MLE deal somewhere to offset.
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    The NBA-Draft subreddit recently did a sequential 2016 redraft. Basically a series of polls as to who would you take with each pick. After the poll closed for each pick, a new one opens with prior winner removed and a new guy added. Jaylen was hands down the number one pick. He had...
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    I assume Morey's order of preference in a return for Simmons goes something like: 1) Star 2) Good players on not bad deals, which fit the current team and/or could be moved in a later deal to acquire a star along with a few picks and 3) boat load of picks. As an iteration of #2, Philly...
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    One assumes Morey wants to wait to see what happens with Dame and Beal. If nothing is percolating on either front before the start of the season, then maybe its: Russell, Beasley and a couple of firsts for Simmons and salary fodder, with the goal of using the MN firsts to acquire another...
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    Well said. All of which makes Minny and the Kings likely trade partners. I just cannot see how a GM of a team with championship aspirations sells itself on Simmons to the point they are willing to give up assets that Morey would accept. However, if just making the playoffs or even the...
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    Nerlens Noel v. Rich Paul and Klutch

    There is also this thing called discovery in lawsuits. Given the allegations, Noel's attorneys should have no trouble getting phone/txt records, emails etc from both Klutch and certain teams during the relevant time frames.
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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    From the Athletic on today's joint practice with the Giants: Patriots' Mac Jones shines in practice vs. Giants as Cam Newton remains out "Jones opened practice by going 25 of 27 against the Giants' starting defense, including a string of 18 consecutive completions before the streak ended on a...
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    Also worth remembering, that while you cannot aggregate a TPE with a player for trade purposes, you can use the TPE to acquire a player who can then be aggregated. If Wyc & Co, are willing to go reallllllly deep into the tax and Washington was more interested in clearing the books then adding...
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    2021 Celtics LVSL Game Thread

    Hollinger talked about on the last pod with Duncan. Basically you have three tiers. First the guys the team has control over/draft rights. Second, guys who the team has a genuine interest in seeing up close. Three, the remainder of the roster - basically favors to agents.
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    Thompson to Atlanta for Dunn+Fernando and 2023 2nd

    While true (and also true of most teams if they lose their best two players to injury), what does that have to with grading the most recent offseason? I think the B+'s were warranted. If a team avoids handing out any bad deals, and makes good use of the avenues available to them to add...
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    Celtics Plan, Summer 2021

    Do not believe that is accurate anymore. Hoopshype has with him Octagon (same agency as Giannis, Bam, Steph and many others), and he is still on the player roster on their website. That's an agency with clout. If they told him to take the deal and Schroder chose to bet on himself, that...
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    Free Agency Frenzy Thread

    It was a double sign and trade. He was a restricted free agent. Both teams were negotiating with one another and the other's players prior to the official start of free agency. That being said, the whole tampering rules are stupid and should be scrapped. Tampering while the season is...
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    Team USA Basketball 2021

    The US team was missing many of the top 10 US born players. In addition to Lebron and Curry: AD, Kahwi, Harden, Beal, Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler did not play. While there would be a lot of debate as to who #7-10 are, I think its safe to say that the Team USA roster had at the very most 4 of...
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    Kemba reportedly a Knick

    Historically, when a buyout is linked with a the bought out player going to a new destination immediately for real dollars, the amount given up in the buyout and the amount due under the new deal are closely correlated.
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    Free Agency Frenzy Thread

    The recent canard of Shams/Woj reporting deals with the "up to" qualifier has made this NBA free agency season feel more like the NFL. The Chris Paul deal went from insane to completely reasonable with a team option for the 4th year and a partial guaranty on the 3rd. Any credible buzz on...