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    2016 Ravens

    Per his snapchat Dobson was in Miami today
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    Tenders, RFA's, and Benjamins: The 2016 Free Agency Thread

    Cross him off the list @PaulKahurskyNFL The Titans have agreed to terms with receiver Rishard Matthews on a three-year deal.
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    Which type of plate discipline is eating Panda?

    This will end well Jason Mastrodonato (@JMastrodonato) 2/21/16, 9:24 AM Pablo Sandoval said he has nothing to prove, last year was not a disappointment and the Red Sox did not ask him to lose weight.
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    2015 Ravens: Achilles 4, Suggs 0, Karma 7

    @DougKyed: Ravens play is different because no one was declared ineligible. They just lined up an O-lineman at WR and TE at OT.
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    2015 Ravens: Achilles 4, Suggs 0, Karma 7

    Interesting formation used yesterday
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    If not Revis, then who?

    If nothing else Arrington, Butler, Ryan, & Dennard can wear "He's the shutdown corner" shirts in camp
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    2015 Offseason: Non-Revis Edition

    @AdamSchefter: Randall Cobb back to Green Bay on a 4-year, $40 million deal, per source.
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    Completely legal substitution aka the "John Harbaugh is a whiny little brat" thread.

    Here is an explanation of the play
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    The Game Ball Thread: HOLY SHIT ZOMBIE PATS

    Not unethical just a gimmick according to Fizzle @RyanHannable: Terrell Suggs on if he's seen a team use four offensive linemen before? "Yeah, it's a football game. You see one gimmick you see them all."
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    Week 12 Game Thread

    hurts the value of the pick   Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 6m6 minutes ago Ryan Mallett was on the injury report with a chest injury — a strained pec. Now may have torn it. MRI Monday (@McClain_on_NFL 1st reported)
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    A's @ Royals AL Wild Card Game Thread

    May 15 2009 vs the Ms
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    Bedard: Dave DeGuglielmo not popular with Patriots OL

    Harris did start at safety and Woody was at center
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    2014 TE/Gronk Watch

    @DougKyedNESN: Rob Gronkowski is playing Week 1 for the Patriots.