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    2020 College Hoops Thread

    His highlights are something else. He has all the skills in the world, but his frame makes Manute Bol look beefy.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Ah, thank you! That was the first time I'd seen that before, and I was struggling to understand what I was looking at. I assume red and white denote complete vs incomplete passes?
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    Super Wildcard Weekend Gamethread

    I like Conner. Good story. I hope he has a decent night in an absolute rout.
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    Super Wildcard Weekend Gamethread

    Genuinely curious if we’ll see Rudolph tonight.
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    Super Wildcard Weekend Gamethread

    I hope he figures it out on another team for another coach.
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    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    I dunno, it kind of feels like when a college baseball coach runs the pitch count up on a kid in the world series. The kid's obviously not going to beg out, so you have to be the adult and make the tough choice for him.
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    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    Nope. I'm kinda with BaseballJones on it, led with the head but angle of the hit resulted in shoulder first. Fine with the outcome, though, very dangerous play.
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    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    There's one angle that looks bad because his helmet runs up against the small of the back on the follow through, but I think he pretty clearly leads with his shoulder on the contact. edit: ah well, what do I know? I think that dumbfuck got ejected from the playoffs last year for targeting too.
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    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    OSU winning decisively on both lines so far.
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    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    I'm starting to get really concerned for Mike Vrabel's dick.
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    2019 NFL Week 13 Game Thread

    Why did that feel like the least urgency the 49ers O has played with the entire half? They deserve that result.
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    Final Four and National Championship Thread

    Don't forget the last time we had a pulse before the Bennett era when JR Reynolds hurt his ankle against Tennessee. No shortage of hard luck, glad we finally broke through. Wahoowa!
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    What will we be talking about Monday morning?

    I think that ultimately the legacy of this season will be these last two games and the unwillingness of Brady and Belichick to roll over and cede control of the league to the next generation of uber-talented wunderkinds. Brady out dueled Mahomes in the AFC championship game and Belichick took...
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    Jordan Richards traded

    Wait, so does that mean under certain circumstances the Patriots would get no pick? Either way, I think it's fair value, I'm just curious.