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    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    No no, you're supposed to try to shit on him even harder than everyone else. Those are the game thread rules.
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    Vegas hires Butchy

    Why would he take the job with the front office the Bruins have?
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    6/8--NBA FINALS G3, Golden State @ Celtics

    Helps if you put the ball through the hoop once in a while.
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    Do the Celtics have an Image problem?

    Didn't JVG say last night that he thought the Celtics were the odds on favorite to win it all, and that while its a slim margin, he has felt that way for months? I'm quite sure he said that.
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    4-26 7:07 PM Eastern Time to get Heroic

    Back then that worked a lot better than now. Getting a starters pitch count up and getting them out in the middle innings forced teams to use the 'soft underbelly' of their middle relief, which the red sox could then feast on. In 2022 the middle relief still throws 98 mph with a wicked slider.
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    4-26 7:07 PM Eastern Time to get Heroic

    My sarcastic over the top pessimism pissed off a dope in a bad month, September 2011. I'm not sure there is such a thing as being so over the top pessimistic for it to slip into parody these days, but alas. When said dope realized I had been joking, a deal was hatched that if the Red Sox won...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Is that potentially a way for Arians to pass the buck to the player with the green dot?
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    2/5 @ Flyers

    Captain Patrice.