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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Clearly this thread needs trigger warnings.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    I think that everybody has been reminded that Kobe was not always a nice guy and a pillar of the community. I don’t think we need any more of that. I especially think we don’t need anymore complaints about being reminded. let it go.
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    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Kemba Walker. All-Star Starter.
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    Video Shows Delonte West Being Assaulted on the DC streets

    I saw fired, then I saw suspended. Suspended is more likely.
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    January 2020 General NBA Game Thread

    I am sure he had a dietician telling him exactly what and how much he needed to eat to maintain his weight and satisfy his requirements for healing. Those are the restrictions that he didn’t follow.
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    Video Shows Delonte West Being Assaulted on the DC streets

    BTW. The policeman who took these videos (or at least one of them) has been fired. Which is understandable because they were a huge privacy violation.
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    January 2020 General NBA Game Thread

    Let me guess. He’s the big kid who should be moved up to the next age range. Right?
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    76ers 2019-2020

    Didn’t they already do that last summer? They let Butler and Redick go and brought in Horford and Richardson. (And Thybulle). If they get rid of Simmons or Embiid, that’s more like an earthquake.
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    Four first round picks for... Justise Winslow?? (Ainge's drafting record)

    And what is Jonathan Niednagel doing now? Besides running a Braintyping Institute out of a POB in Missouri? I just hope he’s still not on Ainge’s contacts list.
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    What's the big deal?

    McCollum’s salary and Horford’s match. That would be scary.
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    December 2019 General NBA Game Thread

    You must have better eyes than I do. On one camera angle he could have tipped his foot, on another it is clearly not the case. At least of the ones I've seen.
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    2019-2020 Celtics Regular Season Thread

    I didn't know that Richard Starkey played for the Celtics. Maybe he's just visiting.
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    Which of the Jays has more long-term value?

    There is a Jayson versus Jalen poll going on the General NBA board at Real GM. Jayson is leading 53% to 47%. Last night, it was 51% to 49% for Jaylen. It's becoming a real discussion, but it's too early to choose.
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    POLL How many games will the Celtics win?

    As was I until I noticed that the Celtics were getting top 10 defensive ratings before Horford showed up. And that was with Zeller, Sullinger and Olynyk manning the middle.
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    12/25 - Celtics @ Raptors

    Not on REALGM. OTOH I did see someone comment that perhaps he was correctly paid over there, so perhaps there are some cracks showing in the facade.