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    Defector: Deadspin reincarnated officially launches

    I just went on and saw Reader level is $8/mo, you have to hit a toggle to switch off yearly. Unless you were looking for a $1/mo sale...
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Budenholzer made zero adjustments when the Celtics beat the Bucks 2 seasons ago because he was the coach of the Hawks. Joe Prunty was Bucks head coach in that series and is now out of the league.
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    Kyrie speculation

    Just watched the full clip on SportsCenter. Kyrie's clear first frustration is with being asked about his FA situation anytime something happens on Twitter. He's trying to convey that first and foremost, so his most incendiary comments are about people continuing to bring it up. That said...
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    Games 163 Gamethread

    If you ignore HFA and strength of opponent, Game 163 to decide division/WC makes the same contribution (3.125%) to winning the World Series as the least consequential playoff game - Game 3 of a tied Division Series. It's half the contribution as the Wild Card Game and 1/16 as important as Game 7...
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    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    Players' MPG always adds up to more than 240 due to DNP and OT. The 30x7 plan is still possible even with the 8th-15th men totaling more than 30 MPG.
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    Why do you want to trade Scary Terry?

    A lot of posts lately have advocated for trading Terry Rozier as he's put up great performance after great performance. I'm on the side of keeping him, as I think that gives the team the best chance to win in 2019, and that I'm optimistic ownership will pay to keep a championship-caliber team...
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    MBTA Android app?

    Citymapper is designed for non-drivers. It compares the T to walking, Uber, and Hubway.
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    iPhone 6s and other Apple announcements today

    Apple also does trade-ins online and at their stores. Right now the online quote on a good condition unlocked iPhone 6 is $325. So you'd save about $30 with the iPhone Upgrade Program, assuming once again that you upgrade after exactly 12 months.
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    iPhone 6s and other Apple announcements today

    By signing up for the iPhone Upgrade Plan you commit to paying $32.45/mo for 2 years = $779   In exchange for that $779, you get: $649 unlocked iPhone 6S+ 16 GB $99 AppleCare ($31 left over)   You also have the right at any point after 12 months to trade in your phone. In exchange for trading in...
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    The 2015 NBA Finals Game Thread AKA Battle Of The Australian Institute Of Sport

      You had the chance to see him single-handedly carry a NBA team into the playoffs from 2007-2010. The difference between those seasons and this one are that in 3 of those 4 seasons, there was a competent Eastern Conference team (Celtics twice, Magic once) that could stand up to just-LeBron...
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    Strange Google Account Access

    To remove device access: Devices & Activity. Don't think Google would link that guest's phone to your account without logging in on it.
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    Celtics Transactions Visualized

    I made this chart to indicate how the Celtics have acquired all of their players. I originally created this chart at the end of the 2012 season - back then, the team had made so few transactions that it was easy to sort the columns chronologically. The transactions have become more frequent and...
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    iPhone 6 - BFD

    iPad came out April 2010 in the US and over the summer internationally. iOS 6 was released September 2012 and did not support iPad 1.
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    4G Android phone megathread

      The Moto G 4G, Moto G 2nd Gen., and Moto E all have Micro SD card slots.
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    Celtics trade for Thornton, Zeller and a Pick

    Putting it all together... in the last 18 months   Danny traded: Paul Pierce (1yr) Kevin Garnett (2yrs) Doc Rivers (3yrs) Jason Terry (2yrs) DJ White (1yr) Leandro Barbosa with a torn ACL Jason Collins (1yr) unknown 2nd-round pick   for: 2014 BKN unprotected 1st-round pick (James Young) 2015 PHI...