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    Week 2 at Jets--Discussion/Analysis

    I was really hoping the Pats would get something out of Cajuste after his good preseason but unfortunately, he is injured again. The Jets are weak at corner and on the offensive line. Hopefully, NE can take advantage. I am also interested to see Mac Jones in a hostile NFL environment. I am sure...
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 vs Miami

    I was unable to watch this game but when I look at the box score I am amazed they lost. How do you lose a game when you outgain the other team by 134 yards, have 50% more first downs, go 11-16 on third down (while holding the other team to 4-11 on third down), and are only -1 in the turnover...
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    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    I watched his Wednesday press conference and it is still shocking to me how young he is, and how thin he is. I do like how he answers every question by reiterating part of the question and just saying he is one of 11 guys who each needs to do his job.
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    Pats-Dolphins Week 1 Pre-Game Discussion/News/Analysis

    I am really interested to see how the Pats front seven does against that really young Dolphins offensive line. The Dolphins ran all over the Pats in the second game last year.
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    Openers and no closers: Can the Tampa Bay method work here?

    I agree on the walk rate and they run better than the Sox but this lineup should not be outproducing Houston and the Dodgers, as well. It's kind of shocking, besides Franco does anyone in this lineup scare you? I give them credit, it definitely is a team that is more than the sum of its parts. I...
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    Openers and no closers: Can the Tampa Bay method work here?

    If Chaim is going to listen to the fans and media in order to make decisions, the Sox should fire him now. This Red Sox team played really well in the first half. The bullpen was not going to be great all year and the starters have not been that good. This is a very mediocre pitching staff and a...
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    Pats: Roster Transactions Thread

    If I was Miami, I would claim Hoyer. Of course, they won't because they should want to optimize their roster but it would be great gamesmanship.
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    Pats: 53-man Roster Projections

    You don't think Winovich makes it? I am betting Jennings gets redshirted this year.
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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    I am sure BB knows what to do. I am leaning toward starting Cam. He had no weapons last year. He has always been good when healthy and provided with a decent TE. I am worried that if they throw Mac into the fire, what happens if he shits the bed? How do you fix that?
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    08/18 - Maybe Try Winning?

    This is so painful to watch. FFS. What is going on here?
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    Pats Preseason: Catch-All Thread

    I am going to try my best to ignore this nonsense until I see these guys QB the team in preseason games. And I am going to attempt to temper my enthusiasm then.
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    N'Keal Harry Requests a Trade

    They made gadget plays to give him the ball in space and for a big guy, he didn't get much after contact. He has not been durable or productive but his agent thinks he can do better somewhere else. Has the agent seen this kid play?
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    Thank You, Jackie Bradley Jr.

    I love Jackie, he is/was one of my favorite Red Sox players. But, my God, the Sox dodged a bullet. He has been awful with the Brewers. He is rocking an OPS of .509 this year, his career OPS with Boston was .732.
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    2021 Draft

    It would also be malpractice by whoever was advising Leiter. What if he is injured next year pitching for Vandy? Works both ways, plus with the slotting system, how much wiggle room does the team and player have?
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    Pats: Minicamp Catch-all Thread

    I am really getting excited about the front seven. I was listening to the Kyed and Cox podcast and they said there will be tough cuts to make on the DL and at LB unless there are injuries. That defensive line blew last year.