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    Mr. Chemistry

    Don’t know if you actually know each other but I really enjoyed this.
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    Mr. Chemistry

    ...or F Rondo, while a stud early debased his uniform with lack of effort late. If fans want to celebrate IT, whatever the team achievement, I’m good.
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    No Wiseman has the power

    Any time young talent loses out on money and/or opportunity for monetizing that talent in a way not beneficial to a bunch of pieces of shot they will never meet (ncaa) I’m sad. That’s happened now.
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    Russell now in the Hall

    Are there any human beings with higher standards?
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    Markelle Fultz, Year Three: He's back! Big....?

    Happy for him too, and no hitch there, but something is still weird with that shot.
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    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    This seems to be the general consensus, and I'm onboard with this as well. If a big is athletic enough to be a difference maker in the NBA then he can really dominate the G-League even without growing as a player. The hybrid plan might work for him though, where he gets game time reps and work...
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    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    To my lyin' eyes Grant leads the team in positive plays that don't make the box score: hockey assists, screens that occupy 2+ players, boxing out a big so another C gets the board, deflections, etc. I just love watching him play and when combined with Tacko time this year has provided such...
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    2019 NFL: Trade Deadline Thread

    Seriously, that's going to be a very valuable pick which they sorely need.
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    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    See, I don’t understand why people won’t let themselves consider that people can be ‘Woke’ but not perfect. There is room between cynic and sucker, though perhaps not for you. Apple is an appalling example of this at a corporate level though.
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    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    Correct, China sees our leader promising them trade concessions (favors) in exchange for interfering in our elections, with the full throated endorsement of a huge chunk of the nation: no way they rock the boat. That said, its still got to linger in the back of the players minds...back before...
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    Jaylen Brown - underrated?

    ...and that’s also why you get an agent. That and getting you a shoe deal the size of your NBA contract.
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    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    I believe the consensus is his 10’2” standing reach is a better upside measure.
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    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    Tiananmen Square never happened. It is 1984, or they wouldn’t be so horrified by actual independent thought.
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    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    I’m sure they would like to exploit it, but not at the expense of thought control. I don’t think the CBA would exactly be crippled by a lack of NBA players, but those guys would sure as hell miss their jobs. Evidence shows there is no limit on thought control behind the great internet wall of...