Alteration Ideas To Make Your Sewing Better

This was one of the biggest problems of my life because my weight is more like a light which keeps fluctuating up and down. When I am on diet then I can wear anything but once I am exposed to the food then it’s quite hard for me to get myself adjusted in the old clothes and then they are closed in my wardrobe useless.

I always thought alteration is one of the hardest tasks I can come across with and I can never do that but I was wrong. When I attempted it then with the help of few tricks I did it successfully and saved my clothes. If you have the best rated sewing machine for beginners then you can start altering today all your clothes. You can have more information about the sewing machine then visit

Let’s go through some of the ways through which you can alter all the dresses and can also alter the projects you are currently working on.


Of course for the alteration, the first thing is whether you want to make it lose or you want to make it fit? In both cases, you have to look at the inside spacing inside the dress. In case of making your dress lose, you have to rip out the stitches from the desired area and then fold the fabric to stitch again. If the hem and seam of the dress are already reduced then, unfortunately, you can’t make it loose more than 1 inches.

Use a simple sewing machine for alteration

If you want to make it fit the first thing you should do is to have correct measurements of your body. If your body measurement is not up to the mark then the dress will not be altered rightly. So before you attempt to alter any dress, check out the inner spacing of the dress and then start your working.

Shorten the Sleeves/Straps:

When you alter any dress then everything gets affected like the neckline or sleeves. Along with the waistline you have to adjust the neckline and sleeves as well otherwise the dress will exert the pressure. In some of the cases when you get the sleeveless dresses then most of them are loose from the chest. This is quite annoying when the dress is beautiful but it’s not good looking good on your body.

To adjust the sleeveless dress, the only thing you have to do is to reduce the size of the straps. To reduce the bulk you can cut the straps or you can fold them to stitch. For further guidance about the sewing machine, you can watch Ultimate Guide To Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Comparison. In case of sleeves, fold the fabric from the wrong side and cut the bulky area if you don’t want to alter it anymore in the future. The basic rule of the alteration is to have a correct measurement to avoid damage.

Neckline Dresses:

If you have an old neckline dress in your wardrobe but now you want to wear it then let us tell you the alteration way. In some of the neckline dresses, you may get the problem of the lower neckline. In some of the occasions, it’s uncomfortable to wear such kinds of dresses. You don’t have to rip out the stitches from the whole dress but I have a great idea to make your work simple.

You can always add contrast colors in your dress and if your neckline is too low then you can add some sheer fabric to the neck. It will add a style to your dress as well as you can be comfortable. I recommend using organza fabric to reduce the alteration look.

Center Back:

After wearing some of the dresses you can feel it’s fitting is absolutely perfect from the front side but quite uncomfortable from the center back. In some of the flare dresses, beginners may find it difficult to adjust the center back and to make it look professional. You have to remove the zipper from the back at the time of adjusting center back because later it will not work properly.

After removing the zipper, pin-fit the dress and start reducing the size of the seam. This is the part where you have to focus because measurements must be applied accurately and don’t make it too tight.

Dress alterations

For the alteration purpose use the simple sewing machine and for the guidance to buy the right one read best sewing machine for beginners making clothes reviewed at After all the marking and pinning the dress, later you can add zipper by reducing the size of it. Cut off the excess fabric from the back of the dress and stitch it.

Adjusting the Hem:

If you want to start altering some of your dresses to enhance the skills and to be a pro in adjusting any dress then get started with altering a hem. This is the simplest thing you can attempt to improve yourself and to make any dress adjusted according to your body. The hem is quite simple to adjust but it also comes up with some of the technical things.

Along with the hem you also have to alter the lining which always is short in length. You have to take care of the alteration of the lining. Adjust the lining according to the size of the hem. In cocktail dresses, you can easily alter this part of the dress. Once you are done with the whole procedure then look out for the pressing step and with the help of damp cloth remove the crease line of the previously marked hem.


The major advantage you will have to get used to the alteration is that if in future you are going to make any blunder in the middle of the work then you can easily adjust it by applying certain tips and techniques like a pro. The downside will be that have to give a lot of time to the single alteration based on the kind of garment and nature of the stitching.
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