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    1/30: Lakers at Celtics--Rivalry Renewed

    Teague finally found a shot he couldn't miss.
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    1/30: Lakers at Celtics--Rivalry Renewed

    Cs with some great hands so far.
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    1/27 Celtics @ Spurs

    O is humming, too bad they can't stop anything.
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    1/24 Celts vs. Cavaliers

    Ok, you need at least one player who can score on the floor.
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    1/20 Celtics @ Sixers

    Kemba and Theis partying like it's 2019.
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    1/8 - Wizards @ Celtics

    Been very impressed with Tacko considering his prior experience in the NBA can at best be described as meaningless garbage time.
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    12/27 - Celtics @ Pacers

    Tatum really needs to just go to the basket there.
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    The Last Dance

    I happened to turn on the radio in the car today and pause on WEEI, whatever show Ordway is doing these days had Jackie Macmullan on to talk about Jordan and The Last Dance. I wasn't able to listen as closely as I would have liked, but she talked a lot about how different Jordan was before the...
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Crazy game. I love the NBA.
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    Sweet 16-Day 2

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    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Should have left Wilfork in at QB.