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    The Rays and their nagging attendance problem. Will a new stadium solve that?

    They were gone before today. I just can't image they will stay there 8 more seasons. Eight! That's a long time and a lot of lost revenue. I know that lease is rock solid but you can't tell me there isn't an amount of money that Manfred/MLB can't pony up to have St. Pete tear up the lease. The...
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    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    I don't know if I have a team anymore. I was a Red Sox fan until I moved to NYC in 2012 and became a full season ticket holder for the Mets. It was long time dream of mine to be a STH of a baseball team and I kept the tickets until I moved in 2016. I didn't abandon the Red Sox but it was hard...
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    Petey chasing a mirage?

    One more quick note: It seems like some people here really bought into the whole idolatry of Dustin Pedroia when he was still a great player. "He lives near the ballpark! He loves the game! He plays cribbage!" But what sportswriters and propaganda machine NESN leave out is: "He fucks his...
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    Petey chasing a mirage?

    I think he'll keep trying to come back until the contract runs out and he is no longer getting paid to try to come back. That sounds like a slam on Pedoria or I'm painting him with a greedy brush but I'm really not. He'll fulfill his obligation of trying to play baseball again until he's no...
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    Deadspin is Burning

    Personally, I don't read Deadspin anymore. I mean I'll see specific stories if something I see on Twitter or Facebook intrigues me but I never go to the homepage. I never went to Deadspin for sports news or sports takes. I did love their media critiques back in the day. They would fearlessly go...
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    Deadspin is Burning

    But some people SHOULD stick to sports. Or whatever it is they were hired to do. Just because someone is good at writing about sports (and let's face it, few are), doesn't mean you have a quality opinion on politics. Or that I care to read it. I think it's funny when the media gets so insulted...
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    Deadspin is Burning

    Deadspin sucks. It has for a long time. Now, it seems they have chosen boredom over sucking. Which is always a step down but still. It's a shame. Deadspin used to be really great. Before Will Leitch left. Before Drew Magary felt the need to become this guy who pretends he is edgy while...
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    Lets Talk About Drew Magary

    I think a big issue with Drew Magary is that he's a huge fraud. He's completely tried to change his change his writing for political reasons and it ends up leaving him coming across as bizarre, disingenuous or both. He's a lot like Howard Stern but it's even more obvious because writing is so...
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    Another Surgery for Pedey

    Why would he accept even a penny less then he is owed? It seems like people here aren't looking at this from the union's or Pedoria's perspective. As I mentioned earlier, there are insurance elements in cases like these. Take David Wright or Albert Belle. If they retired or took a buyout, it...
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    Another Surgery for Pedey

    I'm really bad at this quoting thing. I'll use this opportunity to ask you to tell a co-worker they have nice shoes today. That would be a nice thing to do.
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    Another Surgery for Pedey

    It's the Major League Baseball PLAYERS Association. That's not even remotely on the table. (not to mention how that could affect insurance payouts).
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    This is very sad. In a world where writing style is becoming more uniform, he really stood out. FiaT is a funny line. I laughed then. I laughed now.
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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    I couldn't agree more. I literally didn't want the Cuban/Gladwell thing to end and Simmons did a nice job letting them talk. Hader is funny as Hell. Really, really good show.
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    Vegas Baby!

    Recent Expansion History: Nashville Predators 1st year:98-99 1st playoff year: 03-04 1st year record: 28-47-7 (63 points) Atlanta Thrashers 1st year: 99-00 1st playoff year: 06-07 1st year record: 14-57-7-4 (39 points) Columbus Blue Jackets 1st year: 00-01 1st playoff year: 08-09 1st year...
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    Worst MLB Franchise of All Time

    I think the answer is pretty easy. It's the Phillies. The Philadelphia/KC/Oakland A's had many bad years but you did mention the 4 Oakland titles. They also won 5 in Philadelphia. This is a franchise that should be argued for one of the better ones, not one of the worst. The Braves are a fair...