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    The new "Ohtani" rule

    According to this explainer from, a rookie (or another "one way" player attempting to become a "Two-Way Player") can convert from "one way status" (pitcher or position player) to Two-Way Player status once they meet the threshold, thus freeing up a roster spot once they convert.
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    The Ringer

    I was a subscriber for years, but I switched to Apple Music about 6 months ago and went all in on the ecosystem (HomePods, Apple Watch, etc). I just bought a 1 year subscription to Apple Music. This would bring me back to Spotify.
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    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    All I want for Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a discount on Dropbox Premium/Pro plans. I find the service indispensable, but overpriced. Last year Amazon had a 1 year plan for $99 + $50 in Amazon credit, and I'd jump at more of the same. In years past I was buying 1 year subscription cards off...
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    Bill James leaving the Red Sox

    Pure speculation, but I wonder if a network or streaming company optioned his book, Popular Crime: Reflections on the Celebration of Violence. There seems to be an appetite for the subject matter on TV nowadays.
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    home assistant/ifttt

    Speaking of drawing arbitrary lines, I just bought a HomePod ($199 on sale at Costco) and so Apple's my smarthome hubn ow. It's probably naive, but they've sold me on being the least evil of Facebook/Apple/Amazon/Netflix/Google in terms of privacy and the most robust in terms of security. Apple...
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    Patriots Numbers to Retire

    This is exactly where I'm at. The average NFL career is 3.3 years. It doesn't make sense to be retiring numbers when churn suggests that you'll need them available. Moreover, I just don't associate NFL with continuity. Even though he was a tremendous player for several years, it's not the same...
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    Red Sox non-star team (since 1975)

    The Red Sox have played approximately 5,000 games since Remy's tenure at NESN started 31 years ago. I can't find stats on the number of games Remy has called, but he's been a featured presence for most Red Sox broadcasts for decades. Papi played in 1,953 games for the Red Sox over 14 years...
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    Red Sox non-star team (since 1975)

    Respectfully, BaseballJones, your premise is flawed. There is no defensible rationale for Youk = star, but Varitek = not a star. It's hard to imagine that Jason Varitek could've had a higher profile in Boston. He was the Captain. He let Arod know that "we don't throw at .250 hitters." His...
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    6/18 at Min - Seventh Heaven

    Right, but this is a comparatively low-stakes moment. The timing seemed particularly odd with everything going on with Papi. Read the room, Dave. But, meh. Maybe I’m just grumpy.
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    6/18 at Min - Seventh Heaven

    JBJ’s catch was excellent, but did anyone else think O’Brien’s call was in poor taste? “Jackie Bradley. Jackie Bradley. Jackie Bradley.” Sorry, Dave. You only get one.
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    6/18 at Min - Seventh Heaven

    Throw strike three!
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    6/18 at Min - Seventh Heaven

    Runner on third, nobody out. 2 outs, runners on first and second. Not bad, Vaz.
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    5/19 Sox Astros

    O'B just announced a 2 PM start on the telecast
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    May 14 Colorado at Fenway Part 1 "Sale Day"

    I really thought Benny would extend the inning. Sigh.