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    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    Dumb post. Was pointed out was likely jackosn
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    The Game Ball Thread: HOLY SHIT ZOMBIE PATS

    I really hated this. Biggest 4th down of the year. Need  huge crowd noise. Basically  playing sweet caroline. Should be like a dropkick murphy scenario or some acdc or SOMETHING. The outfield? An 80s sing along tune? Get the crowd into it and make it hard for them to hear the snap count. I know...
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    Rooting for the Pats or Against Your Nana? One Jets Fan's Journey + Pat Fan Testimonials

    Most people aren't going to sit there and admit they are johnny- come - latelys.....and maybe luckiestman is using 35 as an arbitrary number - but the success of 1985 - 86 season run in Boston sports created and cemented a generation of rabid Boston sports fans of the local teams. Im 38. I was ~...