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    Round 2: Florida Men

    I think some of us were looking for the snarl and grit during the Hurricanes series. I feel like there will be no lack of it against these Florida Men.
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    Sabathia "Red Sox Weak"

    NY Daily News dropping snark even this morning. If only Boston had bunted. The Yankee bats were mostly silent after that, however, with Jacoby Ellsbury hitting a single in the second, and Chase Headley successfully bunting — take that again, CC — in the seventh.
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    3/8 Newer Game Thread Time

    Likely obvious: Ryan Spooner and Tim Schaller are out v. PHI.
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    2017 Cowboys: NoMo' Romo (or playoffs)

    Well, Barry Church was a solid guy. Four years with JAX. At face, they are not moving forward on defense.
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    3/4 - New Megathread Time

    He's talking about it like it's a splinter and I'm in the fetal position just looking at the stitches.
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    Bruins Acquire Drew Stafford

    Looking at two Jets-specific boards/forums: started hot with WIN as part of Kane trade, cooled off and didn't recover, no defense, needs to be on a line with play makers. He's on ice ~ 13 mins / game. Doesn't appear to shoot the puck much.
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    2/9 - Sharks @ Butch Cassidy & The Corsi Kids

    A designed play? “Uh, I don’t know,” said Bruce Cassidy, who only took charge of the club two weeks ago when the Bruins canned ourthlong-time coach Claude Julien. “I’m not going to lie to you. They have a lot of plays — Krug, Bergy, and March. So I suspect it was.” Truth is, according to...
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    Bruins fire Claude Julien

    Sigh. Shake things up move because they are a point out of a wild card slot? Then what? Sacrilegious, but when do we start a Fire Cam thread?
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    2016 Cowboys: Giddyup for Elliot

    Dallas clinches title, home field as Eagles knock off Giants. (Bad Eli returns...)
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    2016 Jets: Diaper Dandies

    The play where Petty gets destroyed by Suh and Wake appears to be due to the center hearing 'first sound' and Petty apparently expecting the snap (!?) but the rest of the offense hearing 'on 2'....that was bad.
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    NFC Playoff Picture

    Of great significance to the NYG playoff chances, I believe, JPP has season ending surgery.
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    Predict their fate: AFC East coaches

    I think Rex stays. 8-8 is doable and thus isn't a disaster season. Mostly. That, and when the offense faltered, he canned the O coordinator, changed their approach and things got "better". Despite it being a glorified option approach...pass the ball, nah. As for Bowles, the show the Jets put...
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    Week 13 Game Thread

    Bowles just "motherfuckered" his whole defense. Lip reading was easy on that one.