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    July 31 @ Tampa

    Wrong clip, right sentiment- Ortiz had a 3 run double off Phil Coke of the Tigers to walk off 7/31/10.
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    July 31 @ Tampa

    ? I believe this was May 14, 2016.
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    7/20/21 @ Blue Jays - Richards vs Hatch - 7:07 pm

    I live near Buffalo, near enough to guess that this could have been played (l mean, we played Saturday!). But this gives Toronto one more true home game...
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    7/16 - Source: "We will play today" #RedSox and #Yankees prepare to play FRI - ERod on the bump

    YES heavily promoting Gerritt Cole "Top Gun" bobblehead day. A Yankee representation of a player as a pilot...?
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    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    This is an Impossible Dream fan song as much as Born in the USA is a flag waving anthem, which is to say, NOT.
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    Restraining order issued against David Ortiz
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    Manny, Ortiz, Duquette, Gedman, and Dinneen to be inducted into Red Sox Hall of Fame

    Dinneen, of course, is referenced in the Dropkick Murphys' Tessie: Tessie is the Royal Rooters rally cry Tessie is the tune they always sung Tessie echoed April through October nights After serenading Stahl, Dinneen and Young.
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    Happy Birthday Chairman of the Board

    retiring in early 1966 Actually, 1967- he was the losing pitcher in Billy Rohr's near no-hitter.
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    Sox 2019 schedule

    First MFY game at Fenway is July 25?!
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    2018 Midsummer Classic Game Thread

    Moreland, Springer and Segura were the only players on either side with 2 hits.
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    Psssssssssst 2018

    And Christian Walker, 0 for 5 on the season, doubles on Ross' 127th pitch to break it up, and tie the game.
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    Psssssssssst 2018

    He'll have to face Deven Marrero once more though... :)
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    Psssssssssst 2018

    Tyson Ross of the Padres through 6 in Arizona... at 88 pitches though.
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    Red Sox Hall of Fame member Jimmy Piersall dead at 87.
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    David Price 2017

    And that's his night- 2 innings, 65 pitches. Hope it was only the length of the innings that led to the low pitch count.